Walgreens Update: A Couple of Glitches to Know About

Here are a couple of things I wanted to make you aware about the eals going on this week at Walgreens:

1)  First, if you tried to do the Theraflu deal today and bought the Lipton Tea type, you probably did not get your register rewards.  It looks like that product has not been programmed to work, so the register rewards is not printing.  This is something that may be fixed soon.  The product is pictured in the ad, so hopefully this problem will be fixed soon.

2) The $1/2 UP2U gum Walgreens coupon seems like it is not scanning for some people.  This may be an issue of the coupon not being programmed to work yet.

On a good note, if you buy the W Maxi pads that are free after register rewards, you may get a coupon at checkout for 50¢ off your next purchase of W Maxi Pads.  So you could do a second transaction, use your 50¢ coupon.  Pay only $1.50 and get back a $2 register rewards.

There are tons of great deals at Walgreens this week.  Don’t miss out!

Thanks, Mashup Mom!

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  • dixie-peach@hotmail.com

    This is exactly what happened to me today. I did three tranactions of 1 warming liquid and 1 Lipton 6 pk. The first one did not print out a RR so I had the manager come over. They “tryed” to say that the Liptons was not included but I pointed to the 6 ct and picture so the manager printed the RR for all three of my transactions. 😉

  • Vicki

    I stopped after work today to pick up the gum and indeed there is a problem with the coupon that is in the monthly book. The manager manually put them through for me and then because they are 99 cents with the in-add coupon, the coupon has to be manually entered to give you the zero balance.

  • Kay

    The cashier refused to give me the RR as she said the total purchase had to be over 10.00 and because I bought 2/10 and had 4 dollars in manufacturer coupons my purchase didn’t qualify. She is also the manager so here was no point to take it any further and normally she is rather nice…not today! Any ideas on if I can call someone?

  • steph billingham

    Use the 3.oo off 2 coupon from todays paper and get the warming liquid theraflu. The liquid is printing a register reward so buy 2 use 3.00 coupon makes it 7.00 get back 5

  • Dulce

    Exactly what happened to me today. First time i tried it and didn’t print $5 RR the cashier just cancelled the Theraflu, she said it might not be the correct one so she went and get exactly whats on the picture from their flier but still didn’t print out RR, so the manager gave me the form to fill out with an envelope with stamp on it to mail..

  • Crystal

    The W Maxi coupon that printed for me was on 28ct and higher so I doubt it would work. The RR deal is on 16ct or 24ct only.

    • Crystal, some of the coupons printing say good on ANY.


    • Sarah

      I got a $1 off of 28 ct or higher in Oak Ridge, TN.

  • Matthew Shepard

    The Up2U gum update and very important!!!!! You may not combine the IVC with the in ad coupon. The IVC states Not Valid with any other offer… With Wags new coupon policy you may get the 99cent in ad coupon and use the coupons from the newspaper OR use the Pay full price of the gum and use the IVC and newspaper coupons but not all three.

    • ania

      @matthew shepard

      I’m not sure what policy change you are referring to and I don’t think the manager @ my wags does either. I bought 20 packs today and before I went to check out I had asked if I could use all three cps. together and he responded ” as long as you item to coupon ration adds up” – So I went and got 20 of the $8/1 halloween gift bags. It worked.

    • Knikki

      This is exactly what the manager in my wags told me. IVC and the in ad coupon can not be used together b/c the in ad coupon is a wags coupon and the IVC is a wags coupon so therefore you can’t use them together. This must be new b/c this is the first time I have had that happen to me. Too bad b/c I wanted free gum!!

  • Sharlene

    I got the $1 of 28 or higher in central ct,
    also there was a small trifold coupon book I found a few months back for W products with a 50 cent off W maxi pads in it. I think they are good to the end of the month.

  • Kim

    I just bought the Theraflu at my Walgreen’s. It didn’t work. I was directed to the manager. She ended up giving me a form to mail in to get the RR. I talked her into scanning a different variety of the product the get the RR to print out, which it did and she let me have that one. Whew! She said she was going to report the problem because, as of an hour ago, they didn’t have any record of the problem, which is funny since this website told me about the problem hours ago:)

  • andria

    i tried the theraflu deal today and the store manager informed me that it didnt print because i used coupons to bring the total down to $6 which i was under the impression it was spend $10 before coupons. i contacted corp about it because the coupon/ register reward policy and the add in the paper says nothing about it.

    • melissa

      i hate it when the cashier just ASSUME they kow why it doesnt work! we know better…:)

      • Victoria

        Exactly what I was thinking, Melissa! LOL

  • Olivia

    I tried the Theraflu deal today too and it didnt work. I asked to speak to the manager about it and he told me it wouldn’t work because I couldn’t use a manufacturer’s coupon (Theraflu) to get a RR which is also a manufacturer’s coupon by Theraflu…that’s not true is it?