Walgreens Update: Hallmark Deals and Jingle Cash

I just wanted to give you a quick update that it seems the Hallmark register rewards (Jingle Casj) offer has been updated.  It is no longer printing when you buy the wrapping paper or the tissue paper.  I just wanted to show you that this catalina promotion is advertised as including the wrapping paper for the week starting tomorrow 12/12.  The Sneak Peak of the Ad is posted on the Walgreens website and you can see it in page 13.

Also, the Super Jingle cash (Get $5 RR when you spend $25, etc) it is now working when you total hit the amounts AFTER coupons.

I am really bummed about this.  I had problems with my car last night and could not hit my store.  Oh well, you win some and lose some.

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  • Kara

    I was just going to e-mail the same thing; VERY frustrating this morning. I spent $118 before any coupons (manufacturer coupons and Wags coupons); after coupons it was $46 and so just ONE $5 jingle cash printed and I was expecting a $20 jingle cash. Grrr! I will be returning my tissue (no RR as you stated) and probably a few other things. Like you said, bummer. Should have shopped last night!

  • tricia

    Dang it! I should have went last night! :/

    • Laurie

      my store started it last night, so may not have made a difference. don’t beat yourself up! 🙂

  • Jessica

    I had a huge hassle at Walgreens today. I had $111 in merchandise before wags and mfcs and RRs from a week or two ago.I had 13 scotch scissors, 2 walgreens diapers, 2 hallmark wrapping paper and 4 hallmark tissue. Then it was about $45, then I paid with $18 in jingle cash and $27 on my credit card. I got no jingle cash back. The manager tried to claim it was because I’d used mfcs. It was a huge hassle so I just returned everything. I had expected to get $20 super jingle cash plus the $5 Hallmark jingle cash. 🙁

  • Kathleen

    the tissue paper and wrapping paper stopped last night, as I didn’t get rewards last night, so they must have realized it in the afternoon. I also bought 6 99 cent cards and it didn’t work last night but I did get $5 register rewards today when I bought 6 christmas 99 cent cards. Also the 50 cents off coupon didn’t work at the register on the wrapping paper that was on sale when I tried at the store last night.

  • Sandra

    The ad shows the GREETING CARDS are for the jingle cash like the last ad showed, I don’t see how the wrapping paper is included again. I think it was a glitch yesterday. The wrapping paper is just on sale.

  • Sandra

    plus the paper is not bogo, just 1.99 which is regular price

  • Marcia S

    Yep I found out the hard way today:( to make it worse I was at $49.50 after coupons so I only got the $5 cash I wish I wouldn’t have used one of my coupons…. But like you said you win some you lose some and it was all things I had to get…

    • peanutkla

      Something to keep in mind, you can always throw in a candy bar, or some other filler, even after coupons, to get that extra 50 cents! I’ve had to add 3 Laffy Taffy’s before (they are 10 cents each here in OH), b/c I was 28 cents short for JC.

  • Kari

    Thanks so much for posting! You just saved me a trip and frustration! I was able to do the tissue paper deal last night at about 7:30 CST, I guess I should be happy that it worked once.

  • Veronica

    I could not figure out why i only got $5 this morning. Sad that I did not get to go yesterday. But did 4 packs of diapers earlier in the week at least. Hang in there all! I am not liking this Super Jingle Cash that much. I feel like I am spending a lot OOP this week since we cant roll the $5,$10 etc. ANd I am skeptical about how we are going to get to use it tomorrow…i read the fine print and it says something about only being able to use one super jingle cash her transaction. I will let u guys try first! 😉

  • Deb

    I got the wrapping paper this afternoon. No jingle cash, but it was BOGO, and she let me us the .50 off coupon, so I got 4 rolls for $3.20. I was happy with that as we really needed the paper today to get gifts wrapped for a child we “adopted”……I just used up the paper that I bought 10 years ago at Costco. Just a tip, but they have reusable sturdy, nesting cardboard boxes at Sam’s/Costco and we have used those for 10 years and they are still good. Compared to buying wrapping paper, they were a good deal!

  • Sheri

    Is it the same when you use Wags in-ad coupons as well? I was wanting to just go get scissors.

  • I just got back from my Walgreens and the Jingle Cash for the tissue paper still worked.

  • Emma K

    I’m glad I didn’t see this before I hit Walgreens this morning 🙂
    I went last night and bought 6 packs of diapers, 4 tissue papers and 2 wrapping papers and got a $10 and $2 Jingle Cash.

    So today I went to pick up some photos and grabbed 3 tissue papers and 2 wrapping papers. I didn’t get any jingle cash back. But I asked the clerk and she called the manager over. I told them that I was at a different Walgreens last night and I told them what I had purchased and I showed them the $2 Jingle Cash from last night. The manager was very nice, he just went and got 2 Hallmark cards and scanned them and gave me the $2 Jingle Cash for that.

    What I didn’t know was that photos count towards the amount of Jingle Cash. I would have refigured my transactions if had known that before because I was a few dollars short of $25.

  • Lindsey J

    Thanks for posting, I tried the deal with the tissue paper this morning and again for the $5 jingle cash with a $25 purchase (pre-coupon total), neither worked. I thought it was just our store. It worked yesterday just fine.

  • annette

    went tonight and bought the giftwrap and wallpaper–obviously didn’t read this before I went. Nothing printed. If I return and I used Wbucks, what happens? will they give me an instore credit.
    I dislike Walgreens so much! for a while I swore off shopping there. As soon as I use up my bucks, I’m swearing them off again. CVS is SO much better!

  • Coco

    Same thing for me! Such a frustrating trip…my carefully planned series of transactions yielded absolutely NO super Jingle Cash. 🙁

  • Di

    I was also gonna tell you that the mars coupon for $2.00 off 3 items worked for me for the snickers nutcrackers Friday morning, but Friday afternoon it wouldn’t work anymore.


  • barbara

    The wrapping paper and gift wrap was a glitch. You shouldn’t get upset with WAGS for correcting this. If you did get in on deal you should be grateful, but if you didn’t , well it wasn’t suupposed to happen anyways! Now for the Jingle cash that might be a different story. I believe it should be after sales and WAG coupons but before Mnf coupons.

  • Barbara A

    I went to Walgreen’s early this morning and used my super jingle bucks (the ones that have to be used this week) to get new rewards and then combined all the new rewards to buy one big order of $30.40. I only had to pay 40 cents and then a new Jingle Bucks printed. I did not use any regular manufacturer coupons but I did pay for almost the whole thing with Jingle Bucks (one was the Super Jingle Bucks) and it printed out a new Jingle Bucks.

    • Emma K

      That’s good to know. I was wondering about that.