Walgreens Update: No Bayer Moneymaker + My Scenario

Photo Courtesy of W4W

Well, no Bayer moneymaker for us this week. It seems the $3/1 in ad Bayer coupon showing the smaller Bayer bottle was a misprint. Christie over at Wild for Wags, shares the ad posted at her store correcting the issue (see image above).  On a good you can still get free Bayer Aspirin:

Bayer Aspirin Low Dose 32ct $2.99 each
Use two $1.50/1 Bayer Aspirin printable coupons (IE) (FF Link)
Pay $2.98 and get back one $3 RR

Here’s what I am doing.  I have one $5 Biore RR and one $3 Schick RR:

Buy one Nature’s Bounty Vitamin $5
Buy one Huggies diaper pack $8.99
Buy one Welch’s juice $3
Buy two clearance Cadbury eggs ($0.10 each) as fillers
Use $2/1 Nature’s bounty coupon
Use $3/1 Huggies diaper coupon
Use$1/1 Welch’s Juice coupon
Use $5 Biore RR
Use $3 Schick RR
Pay $3.19 out of pocket and get back $5RR from Bounty’s Nature Vitamin

What are your plans?

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  • Amanda

    My walgreens won’t let me use two rr in one transaction. Am i missing something? I think Walgreens RR is so much more compliated than CVS, but walgreens is closer to my house….

    • There is no reason why you couldn’t use more than one RR in a transaction. I always use more than one in my transactions and have never had issues before.

      • Oops, I meant to say

        There is no reason why you couldn’t use more than one RR in a transaction, as long as you have the same number of items as coupons (and RRs count as coupons). I always use more than one in my transactions and have never had issues before.

    • Stephanie

      I used 6 RR in one transaction yesterday.

  • julie

    i’m nervous about unadvertised rr deals because i didn’t get any for last week’ s biore. if anyone has recieved the $3.00 rr for buying two bayer aspirin, please post. thanks.

  • Marci

    I received the $3 RR for Bayer. I bought the $3.29/box Bayer and there was one with a free Bayer attached so after the RR I ended up paying $.60 for 3 boxes of Bayer!

    To Amanda, if you are paying with RRs make sure that you have items that aren’t attached to any manufacturer coupons so use fillers like Easter candy for .18 for each RR you are paying with. I hope that helps, unless your Walgreens cashier/manager won’t let you pay with 2 then I might call corporate about the issue.

  • Amanda

    I might have to call corporate. I’ve gone to different walgreens with different casheirs, and the answer is always “you can’t use two RR when paying” even with the correct item/coupon ratio. It gets even worse when I try to pay with a RR and recieve another one. Last week I tried to buy benadryl and pay with the biore RR and it didn’t work. I thought that if the RR was issued from two different companies it would be ok, but it wasn’t. It definately makes it difficult to use up those RR, because I don’t want to “waste” them by buying something I don’t need or overpay for something just so I can use them up. Thanks for everyones ideas! (Oh, and I had no probelm with the schick ones last week because they were rolling, at least until Wed when it stopped working for me, but then I just purchased one shave gel and one filler per transaction)

  • Kristina L.

    FILLER IDEA: I found clearance kids/women hair ribbons, clips, headbands and other hair pieces for .25.

  • Jan

    I went this morning to Walgreeens and got 6 boxes of Bayer low dose. I did 3 separate transactions. When I gave the cashier the in store coupon it beeped so he just put it thru manually because it was exactly like the picture. So for (2) I paid .76 and got a $3.00 RR. Now I know why the register beeped. Glad I went this morning because my husband takes one everyday!

  • Here’s how I did the Bayer deal. Not nearly as good as I orginally thought, but still a money maker!
    Buy 2 Heart Health Advantage Bayer 40ct. These are on clearance for $3.29 each. I used 2 $1.50 man. coupons (from the Bayer website) and used the $3.00 wag. coupon (which took off $6.00). Total ended up +$2.42(before sales tax)!

    • Brenda,

      That’s a really good deal!