Walgreens: Update to Hershey’s Easter Candy Register Rewards Offer

This week Walgreens has the following register rewards offer:  Buy $10 in select Hershey’s Candy and get back one $5 register rewards.  This is how the offer is advertised in the sales circular.  but when you go to your store, you will probably find a tag with an apology.  The offer will not print a $5 register rewards, but a $5 coupon good towards your future purchase of Hershey’s candy.

I just wanted to let you know because this was a pretty good deal available.  But now that the offer terms have changed it’s not do good, in my opinion anyway.

Thanks, Wild for Wags!

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  • Kim Shaw

    I had just called Corp regarding this message. Donna from customer service told me to have people and make them aware of this. So far no one has called them to make them aware. They will try to help you and POSSIBLY GIVE YOU THE CORRECT Register Reward.

  • Ram

    Yeah I also noticed this issue..Either we can return 4 bags and get the money… or get 4 more and use this 5 $ coupon plus 2 /2 manufacturer’s coupon. Pay 1$ + tax…

    Check it will print another 5$ off Hershey’s coupon( rollover…).. even if it is not ,

    8 bags for $7( plus tax) is better than 4 bags for $6( plus tax..)…

    If anyone find other better options please share…. If rollover happened please share that too.. Thanks…

  • christine

    I did this deal this morning twice. The first transaction was 7 bags of robins eggs, total was 9.20 after coupons. It printed out the $5 off next hershey’s purchase. On the second order was 4 bags of the peanut butter cups, and the snickers egg used the $5 off hershey purchase along with the $1 off 2 mars products, total was $5.14. Didn’t print the anything so it’s not rolling over. But I guess 14 for 11 bags of candy and 6 eggs isn’t too bad of a deal.

  • Sara S

    ONE good thing is that you would be able to use the Catalina at Walmart to buy Hershey’s. They don’t accept regular RR anymore but they DO accept specific catalinas.