The Best of Walgreens Week of 1/3 – 1/9


Yeah for a first week of deals at Walgreens for 2010. There are some good coupon and register rewards deals and a couple of moneymakers.

Donโ€™t understand any of the lingo I used? Please check my FAQ page for help.

Coupon Deals

Vanity Fair Plates 2/$3
Use $1/1 Vanity Fair coupon from December All You Magazine
Pay $ 0.50 each after coupon

Stayfree Maxi Pads 28 ct $5.99
Use BOGO coupon from 1/3 RP insert (buy two use one coupon)
Use $3/1 in-ad coupon (will deduct $6)
FREE after coupons

Reach Ultraclean Toothbrush $3.99
Use BOGO coupon from 1/3 RP insert (buy two use one coupon)
Use $1/1 manufacturer coupon from 10/18 RP insert
Use $2/1 in-ad coupon (will deduct $4)
FREE plus $1 in overage after coupons

Sensodyne Pronamel $3.49
Use $2/1 in-ad coupon
Use $1/1 Sensodyne pronamel printable coupon
Pay $0.49 each after coupons

Cortaid 1oz $5.99
Use $2/1 in-ad coupon
Use $2/1 coupon from 1/3 insert
Pay $1.99 each after coupons

Viactiv Calcium Soft chews $8.99
Use $4/1 in-ad coupon
Use $2/1 coupon from 1/3 RP insert
Pay $2.99 each after coupons

Johnson’s &Johnsons Baby products $2.99
Use $2/1 printable coupon on (regional)
Pay $0.99 each after coupon

Revlon Matte Eye shadow $4.99
Use $2/1 manufacturer coupon from 12/13 SS insert
Use $3/1 in-ad coupon
FREE after couponsย  Thanks Mommy Snacks!

Register Rewards Deals

Finish/Electrasol Detergent $3.29, Earn aย  $1 RR when you buy one
Use $2.50/1 coupon from 1/3 SS insert
FREE after coupons and register rewards

Buy two select kellogs cereal, 6ct box Special K Bars, 8 ct box Nutrigrain, 5ct Fiber Plus bars 2/$5 and get a $2 RR back

Use buy one get one free Special K Cereal printable coupon
Use $1/2 Special K cereal bars printable coupon on

Deal Idea:
Buy two Special K cereals
Use BOGO coupon
Pay $2.50 out of pocket and get a $2 RR back

Children’s Tylenol Plus Cold 4oz $4.99, Earn a $3 RR when you buy two
Use $3/2 coupon from 1/3 RP insert
Pay $2.98 for two after coupons and register rewards

Visine Eye Care 0.5oz $3.99, Earn a $1 RR when you buy one
Use $2/1 Visine printable coupon on Red Plum
Pay $0.99 each after coupon and register rewards

Buy $20 in participating products and get a $5 register rewards back
Coffee Mate 2/$3
Lean Cuisine, Stouffers, Lean or Hot pockets 2/$5
Nestle Candy: Crunch or Butterfinger 2/$5
Boost 6pack $5.99
Boost Glucose control6 pack $7.49
Purina Pert Food $5.99
Use $1.50/1 Boost coupon from 1/3 RP insert
Use $1/3 Lean Cuisine manufacturer printable coupon with Target logo
Use $1/1 Coffee Mate printable coupon

Deal Idea
Buy 3 Boost 6 packs
Buy two coffee mates
Use four $1/1.50 Boost coupons from 1/3 RP inserts
Use two $1/1 Coffee mate printable coupons
Pay $9.47 for everything after coupons and register rewards

Buy $20 in Loreal products and get a $5 RR back
Loreal Everpure $5.99
Buy four and use four $2/1 printable coupons (will need access to two computers)
Pay $10,96 for four after coupons and register rewards

Monthly Register Rewards and Coupon Deals

Buy two Nesporin products and get $3RR back.

Deal Ideas

Neosporin antibiotic ointment .5oz is 2/$8 (megasaver price all month long)
Use two $1/1 Neosporin printable coupons
Use one $2/1 Neosporin coupon from the Childrenโ€™s Activity Book (will deduct $4 at once)
Pay $2 plus tax out of pocket and get a $3 register rewards back

Neosporin Lip Health Products are 2/$8 (megasaver price all month long)
Use two $3/1 Neosporin Lip Health printable (IE Link) (FF Link)
Pay $2 plus tax out of pocket and get a $3 register rewards product.

Buy one Bayer contour Meter $14.99 (UPC working: 3 0193 715101 9)
Buy one Bayer Breeze Meter $14.99 (UPC working: 3 0193 144001 0)
Use two Bayer Breeze2 or Contour Meter $30/1 coupon from 10/25RP insert
Pay $0.00 out of pocket and get two $5 RRs from both meters plus the $3 RR from buying two of them at once!

Happy Savings!

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  • Heather

    I couldn’t get the BOGO Q for Special K cereal…no more prints available it told me:(

  • Sweet! I came to your site to see if that bayer deal was month long…

  • I’m excited about the meter offer being month long – woo hoo – watch out Wags here I come! Where can I find the month long deals on the Wags website just in case there is an issue at checkout?

  • Holly

    Mercedes, on the Tylenol Cold deal – will the Walgreens coupon from the Children’s Activity book not work in addition to the $3/2 from tomorrow’s paper? The ad scan I’m looking at shows 4 oz as an option, and the activity book coupon simply says children’s liquid, 4 oz.

    • Hi Holly

      I looked at that coupon and it didn’t state good on on Tylenol cold as well. It’s worth a try but in my experience Wag coupons are specific and work on what’s stated.


  • Jen

    Anyone have a zip that works for the J&J coupon?

    • Jen,

      try 75230.


      • mary

        tried that zip still no J&J baby product coupons. Are they still out there?

        • hi Mary,

          I am afraid that coupon is no longer available.


  • christina

    I don’t understand why you need 2 BOGO for the toothbrush and the stayfree pads? Im new tothis so justtrying to understand..Thansk

    • Hi Christine,

      I made that clearer. I meant to say buy ywo and use one coupon not use two coupons. I made it clearer on the main post.


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  • Lynn

    I don’t see a BOGO Stayfree coupon – just Always BOGO. Not the same thing right? Maybe mine was missing.

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  • Jennifer

    Are the two Neosporin deals two separate RR deals. (can I buy the lip treatments and the ointments in one transaction and get both register rewards)?

    • Jennifer,

      no, They are the same deal. I will update my post to reflect this.


  • Michele

    buying 2 meters did not produce an extra $3 ,just $5 rr for breeze and $5 rr for contour.

  • Lori

    Lynn- According to Mercedes details, you’ll get the Stayfree BOGO in the 1/3 Red Plum insert. HTH!

    Heather- the Special K campaign gave me the same no more prints avail., too. Darn! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • VT

    Might be regional, but in my area that $2.50 Finish coupon is only good on the 32-count, not the 20 count that’s at Walgreens. There is a $1 coupon good on the 20-count.

    • Hi VT,

      From what I hear it is regional. My coupon says $2.50 off ANY. but I know other coupons are having a size restriction like yours. What a bummer.


      • Julie

        The 2.50 electrasol coupon is in Trib not Suntimes in Chicago area.

  • Sarah

    I am new to the register rewards. Can I use the RR the same day that I receive them, or do I have to wait and come back another day?

    • pennyscents

      You can use them the same day that you get them.

      • Paula

        Usually this isn’t a problem. Some cashiers even aske if you would like to split your order when they see you are
        trying to maximize your purchasing power.

        But I had and experience this week at my worst WAGS where
        the manager said I could not use a RR because I just got it in cosmetics and then remembered I needed to pick up my ink in photo.

        When I said I had some other rewards I received on a
        different day she said that I was not allowed to use any
        more RR that day because it would become a never ending
        cycle. She was just being nasty there is no such rule but there is no sense arguing with people who are so nasty. You will never change their mind no matter how good it makes you feel to tell them exactly what you think.

        The sad part is you really never know what you are going to get when you are using coupons at WAGs because they do not seem to have a standard policy or they are just not training their employees on that policy very well. 8^)

    • Hi Sarah,

      Yes, you should be able to use the RR the same day that you purchased the item that produced the register reward. In fact many of us turn around and use it in the next transaction. LMK if you have anymore questions.


      • mary

        I have had some trouble with using them at the next transaction (Kenny Rd Columbus). I quit trying because they made me feel stupid. But I should start trying to be more assertive again (my husband calls it the “angry housewife” voice) ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Patti

          You can most definitely use them on the next transaction.
          Just remember, you CANNOT “roll” them into the same deal, nor any RR deal from the same manufacturer. I.e., if you do the neosporin deal and get a RR, and use THAT RR to buy more Neosporin products, you will NOT receive another RR. You can use them to buy Neosporin, but you won’t get more RR. Rolling is where a lot of people get mixed up. I do, anyway.

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  • I found a great deal on Ester-C since right now they are B1G1. ($10.99 each normally) Use 2 $5 coupons from 1/3 RP to get 2 for 99 cents!

  • Carmila

    I have been having trouble and can’t get the sensodyne website to load to get the coupon ๐Ÿ™

    • Julie

      Try again. It just worked for me.

  • Tavara

    The free pads did not work for me. Can someone tell me how it works? The system would not take my BOGO coupon after the walgreen coupon so I tried to use it before the walgreen coupon and only $3 was taken off leaving me to pay $2.99.

    • Tavara,

      When you say the system wouldn’t take the coupon do you mean the coupon beeped? Buy one get one free coupons always beep because the cashier needs to enter teh price of the item you are getting for free. If you are willing to give this a chance again, hand the manufacturer coupon first and then the $3 off Walgreens coupon.

      hope that helps,


      • Julissa

        you will need a filler item since the pads are 5.99 your total has to be $6 or more to get $3 taken off.

        • Hi Julissa,

          You don’t need a filler at all. The Walgreens coupon will deduct $3 regarless of the value of the pads as long as you buy the correct size.


        • Diane

          I had the “filler” issue as well for the first time. The problem was that by deducting the second $3 it would have brought my total for the entire transaction down to -0.01 so I grabbed a 33-cent caramel by the register and paid 32-cents plus tax for the entire transaction then gave the caramel to the clerk ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Joyce

      At my Walgreens they have told me I can’t have more coupons then items…could that be why these coupons are beeping?

      • Patti

        They are correct. You cannot have more MANUFACTURER coupons than items. Walgreens store coupons do not count in thr running total. This is where “fillers” come in. ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • pennyscents

          I did have something new happen to me today. I was buying the Progresso soup, and using the .50 off 2 coupons along with two other RR’s that I had. I had 8 items, and 6 coupons. I had 4 -.50 off 2, a $3RR, and a $5RR. It turns out the the .50 off 2 coupon counted as two because it took money off of two items. This has never happened before. One of the cashiers said that she noticed this a couple of weeks ago. Could be something new. I don’t know. Has anybody else had this problem lately?

  • Where in the ad does it show the Sensodyne Pronamel is $3.49? I don’t see it in the ad and it rang up $4.99 this morning when I went to Walgreens.

    • png

      Sensodyne at our Walgreen was $5.49? I checked 3 stores. Maybe it is a regional things.

      • Norma

        I think the $3.49 is for Pronamel Children.
        Hope this helps!

        • Jess

          I just got one and it was $5.49 (I had a friend go and get it). Pro-namel regular (not the kids stuff). I am going to return it.

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  • Melissa

    I am bummed, our local newspaper (WI Journal) didn’t have the Finish dishwashing tabs coupon. I also work at a conveinence store and check the newspapers there, and no Finish coupons there either. I guess I will buy them online.

    • Tammy

      My WI Journal had the finish coupon so did the waukesha freeman

  • Another deal at Walgreens- They have Jif peanut butter and Smuckers jelly 2/$4. Use the $1.00 off when you buy both Smuckers and Jif -coupon in the paper today. Total $3!

  • Green Thumb

    Sensodyne in Central FL was 5.49. Stayfree was also a higher price than listed here…I think it was 6.29. The Walgreens cashier had an attitude like coupons were a nuisance for her…of course she missed scanning one of my coupons…good thing I new what the total should be. Maybe if the Walgreens coupon policy was less complicated the cashiers would be more customer friendly.

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  • Kaity

    I tried to do the reach deal with the BOGO and the in ad coupon and the in ad coupon would only deduct $2 “beacuse I already had one free”. I tried arguing with the manager but they would not do it.. Should I try a different walgreens?

    • Patti

      Try giving the WAGS coupon first. That’s kind of weird. Usually the in-ad Q takes off for each item purchased… ?

  • Julie

    The All 32 load detergent is $4.00 and their is a $2.00 coup in this weeks paper.

  • Tammy


    • Kaity

      I know that but I tried to get the toothbrushes and they wouldnt deduct the 2.00 from the free one because “that would be like taking 2 from 0” and i argued with them and they wouldnt do it. Is there an order in which to give them the coupons in which it will work better?

      • Hi Kaity,

        Yes, always hand all of your manufacturer coupons first and then all of your Walgreens coupons. In this case the walgreens coupon would have automatically deducted the $4 without any cashier intervention.

        Sorry it happened to you this way but don’t give up on playing the “Drugstore Game.” There is a learning curve but after a short while you will be a pro.


  • Carmila

    Sensodyne coupon for $1 off would not work on the childrens sensodyne. Had to go home, print the .75 off from sensodyne website, and go back to store and use. Had the worst experience of my life trying to do these deals. I am thinking I may never try Walgreens again after this. Had 11 items, and 11 manufactors coupons and the guy would only let me use one of each coupon (so not $1 off EACH toothpaste, only $1 off 3) and said I could use Walgreens coupon OR my $1 one and not both. Terrible experience! Are the employees always so rude? I have only been using coupons for 2 weeks and I have been treated like dirt by employees.

    At another store this afternoon, I used my $3 RR from Neosporin deal, on the Head and Shoulders shampoo. I said .99 and was sposed to get $3 RR back according to their ad. The manager would not give us the $3 RR because we ‘only paid .99 and we were profiting from this’

    I could not believe this. Coupons aren’t worth me losing all self esteem and feeling like less of a person because I want to save a few bucks ๐Ÿ™ Has anyone had such terrible luck with employees like I have or did I run into a few bad apples?

    • Carmila,

      What a terrible experience!! I hope you would call Walgreens corporate and share your experience. I want you to know that an employe keeping a register reward that belongs to a customer are grounds for dismissal. Walgreens advertises in their own ads the use of coupons on register rewards deals. besides Walgreens will be reimbursed for all coupons. Please, I urge you to politely share this with Walgreens customer service and demand you get the register rewards that’s owed to you. Don’t give up on this yet. I think we all have run into bad apples. I know I have. there’s a lot of ignorance around coupon usage out there. but it really is up to us to make sure we are treated properly and not like thieves just because we are using coupons. When you call customer service they can help make sure employees are trained properly and improve any future shopping experience.
      Having said that there’s people who just really dislike coupons. I know I have at my own store two cashier who are like this. but since I always use my coupons properly they just bite their lip and keep on scanning those babies!


      • Patti

        YES! YES! YES!

        If the catalina machine spits out a RR, the employee MUST give it to you. If is blatant THEFT for them to keep it. CALL NOW! The employee can contact Catalina for further information. I would have very nicely gutted that manager where he/she stood. Nicely, mind you, but stealing my time and money is not something I will tolerate. Wow. I’m mad on your behalf. lol. CALL NOW. But don’t be nasty.

        • Carmila

          More problems!!!!! Argh! We were told we only get one transaction and if all the coupons dont work in one transaction we had to leave the store. (we were only doing 2 small transactions O_o) The manager stood there as a clerk rang out the order as well. This is at the same store (but different manager) where the lady manager refused to give us our RRs. Walgreens workers really seem to have attitudes ๐Ÿ™

          So this week had 3 very nasty encounters…… I will have to go back and write down names as I sent my boyfriend to go in alone after a clerk made me cry the other night.

        • pennyscents

          I feel really bad for you! I started doing this about a year ago. When I first started I felt just like you feel right now. I did leave the store & cry a few times. One incident at Wal-Mart actually left me crying right there in the store while 5 managers, and a line full of people were standing there. Very embarassing! They heard about that one! The store manager even gave me his personal cell phone # in case I ever had any problems again. I avoid Wal-Mart now. It’s not the upper level management. At my Wal-Mart, anyways. It’s the cashiers & front end managers. I am not trying to scare you. It does get better. Once I knew what I was doing I felt like I had the confidence to do it. I shop at Wags every week now. Like I said there are things that one location will do, and the other one won’t. Sometimes I have problems with them that really upset me, but nothing like this. What you went through is so wrong! There telling you something that is incorrect too. Just one more reason why Wags needs to have a written coupon policy!!! It’s really BS that they don’t. I know that they have had several people ask for it. They get all these complaints, but they do nothing about it. That’s ridiculous! How is that customer service at all!?!

          Did you ever call, or anything about your experience? If so, what were you told?

          I have an idea that I think might help us all. What if we all wrote a letter detailing our bad experiences that we have had at Walgreens, and request a coupon policy in order to prevent these problems. We could all send out the letters on the same date, and then continue to send them every week until we get something done. I am not talking about people from just this blog either. I am talking spread the word, and get EVERYBODY involved. What do you think about something like this Mercedes?

        • Megan J

          Pennyscents: I completely agree with you! I think it would be a great idea to send out a flood of letters to at least get Walgreens to distribute their coupon policy. It would help tremendously if I could pull it out of my purse to show managers when they are being snippy with me. At my store, most of the cashiers don’t care and just scan whatever I give them without looking twice, but the manager – even though I’m ALWAYS honest and do things above-board – gave me a really hard time last time I was in there and it was very embarrassing.

          Camilla: I know how you feel! Try not to let them get you down and keep going!

    • Rhonda

      Yes, Walgreens employees are always nasty when it comes to coupons or RR. CVS ECB’s are much easier to use and understand AND most of the employees are curteous … probably because ECB’s are easier to understand, not as complicated as RR. The WAGS managers in our area are so rude that our coupon queens are boycotting that store. There are three CVS’s within a mile radius of the one Walgreens so … hopefully they won’t be here much longer. I was so excited when about a year ago we finally got a Walgreens. I’ve regretted it every since and can’t wait til there gone. CVS is much better in my opinion.

  • Julie

    Vanity Fair coupons are also in 12-13 RP.

  • Went to Walgreens earlier and only spent $13.34 and saved $36.67! Blogged all about it w/ pics….

  • Amanda

    I bought 2 papers today and neither of them had the Red Plum coupons. Wonder if I emailed the newspaper company would they let me know if I was supposed to get those inserts in my paper and if so would they mail them to me?

  • Ami

    I dont know if this a regional deal or not but here in Oregon if you like Brita products; they are selling their Brita Pitchers for 15.00 right now and on there is a 5 off coupon which makes the pitcher only 10 dollars which is a great deal because normally its 20.00. Also another great deal I found there is that I found is if you purchase 3 products of either Oscar Meyers lunch meat, lunchables, or Kraft singles all for 3/8 along with a 2.50 back so it comes out to be 3/5.50 however there are .50 off kraft single coupon (from December ad but do not recall which week) and a recent 1.00 off 2 packages of Oscar Meyer lunch meat; so after RR and coupons I paid 4.00 for all 3 things.

  • BTW I went in to my WAGS for the pads. They were NOT $5.99, but $6.29. For 6 pkgs, I still had to pay OOP $2.05. Not bad but it was not free! I will use my other coupons and go to Rite aid ๐Ÿ˜‰ I used the cash that I had made at Publix just a little bit before to pay for these, so I really didn’t have any OOP, hahaha! Loving me some Publix ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Jess

    This looks like an amazing week at Walgreens, but due to horrible experiences (and how timely and tedious all the intricate planning that goes into it, then them having nothing you want and having to restrategize on the fly), I think I may pass. I know Wags couldn’t give a rat’s you-know-what because people like us “profit” off of them, despite the legitimacy and legality to do so.

    • pennyscents

      Actually, Wags profits off of us TREMEDOUSLY! I NEVER shopped at Wags until a year ago when I found out about their RR program. I picked up a script here and there, but I never bought ANYTHING there. I considered (and still do w/o the RR’s) Wags to be over priced. Even though we are able to get a lot of items for free, very cheap, or in some cases better than free they are still getting the money back from the manufacturer on the coupons, and on the RR’s. I know there are a lot more people like me out there that only shop there because of the RR program.

      • Jess

        I know they DO profit off of us, but tell that to the managers and employees. They truly do NOT understand how it works. I could explain it until I’m blue in the face (and I have, many, many times), but they can’t get it through their thick, untrained skulls, so they default to me being a criminal and I default to never setting foot inside those stores again. I’ve even complained to corporate. I never got a reply. They don’t care, so I don’t care to give them my business.

  • mary

    The free floss didn’t work for me at all! I used the BOGO coupon first and then the in-ad coupon but the in-ad coupon only took off $2 instead of $4. How are you able to get it free + overage? Since it was overage, how am I able to get the full $4 off? Am I suppose to be a filler item that’s greater than the overage in the transaction? Please help me!

  • Ingrid

    Thanks for the scenerios mercedes! I might actually try wags this week. Ive stayed away because all ive had is bad experiences up until now. Crossing fingers!

    can i use a $1/1 stayfree coupon with your stayfree scenerio? I would assume so (i think most of us understand using a bogo q with a $/1 q) but i know they have funny coupon requirements at wags which is part of the reason ive fouled up in the past…

  • Pennyscents-I completely agree! I had to change to another Walgreens and finally had a great experience! I also checked out at the makeup section once because the girl there was young and friendly and she was great! She even manually entered a coupon that wasn’t ringing up! I would love to sign a petition or add a letter to send to corporate. They do need to have a clearly written coupon policy. Don’t give up….just find another Walgreens and good cashier (and then ask them when they work LOL!)and stick with it!

  • susy

    I just went to Wags and got the stayfree 36 mp, they were 6.49 (NWsub Chicago)and used BOGO,a printable coupon $1/1 AND in store coupon, it beeped at first but cashier was able to do it ๐Ÿ™‚ Got as well the toothbrush and finish without a problem! AND my RR!!
    Need to come back for next deals!!

  • Sandy

    ….my news paper did not have most of the coupons for Walgreens and CVS…

  • Jamie

    where are the month long RR deals officially posted? Went to Wags yesterday, bought the cookies, the candles, and the Bayer. Didn’t get a single RR and used all my coups

  • Meg

    It looks like the Neosporin Lip Health coupons have been reset. I was able to print 2 more off last night! Woot!

  • Magdala

    Did anyone else have trouble doing the Meter Deal ? I got 1 of each meter (same upc as above) and only got one $5 RR ??? Didn’t get the other $5 or $3 RR ??? Could they have combined this deal where it’s not 2 separate ones anymore?? I’m bummed. Although cashier did void sale and I ended up with 2 $5 RR’s so I only lost the $3 one but better than $8 lost.

  • Nicole

    Hey, just a quick question. When you buy the diabeties testing units to get the RR but you’re not actually going to use this item for yourself, what do you do with it? Are there companies that take these as donations? If so, who?

    Thank you!

  • mommy2jands

    Hi- I’m new to this drugstore game and have a quick question. What happens if you buy all free things and then one of them has an overage of say $1. I don’t want to lose the free $1 so would I be able to buy something for $1 and get it free too?

    • Hi Mommy 2J

      Yes, the store won’t hand you a $1 bil. So, you need to add something to your order to absorb the overage and get that item free as well. sweet huh?


  • Kortayabs

    I tried the Bayer deal and only got a $3 RR and a $5 RR. I bought 2 Bayer contour meters, not the Bayer Breeze b/c the store sticker on the shelf said only the Bayer contours “counted.” The Bayer Breeze had a $15 mail in rebate offer under them. It also said you only had to buy one meter to get the $5 RR. I thought you had to buy 2 together. I have 3 coupons and only took 2 to the store b/c I thought I had to buy 2 at a time to make it work. Shouldn’t I have gotten 2 $5 RR’s and no $3 RR (b/c you have to buy 3 bayer products to get the $3 RR)? I didn’t ask about it b/c I am very new to all this and didn’t have the confidence that I was doing it right. This is my first time doing a big money maker like this–I’ve always been afraid to before. I feel good about making $8, but was just curious if I was wrong or if Walgreens was wrong. Also, should I take my lone coupon I have left and get $5 more RR since it said you only had to buy one meter? Thanks!

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