Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee: Scam or Fraud?

Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee Page

**UPDATE 11/26/15* Check out THIS POST for more info on the 2015 Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee!


The Walmart 1 hour Guarantee problems continue, it seems. Today, thousands of angry Walmart customers are still having problems registering their Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee cards. There are a few common problems that people seem to be running into.

Walmart 1 hour Guarantee Invalid Access Code

This seems to be one of the biggest problems with the Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee. Several people have left comments here saying that the website is saying that they have invalid access codes, which are found at the top of the receipt.

If you’re getting this message, you’re supposed to take your guarantee card and receipt back to the store that you bought it from. Supposedly, they’ll give you a new access code, which should work. Word is Walmart Corporate has sent binders full of new access codes that should be valid to stores around the country.

There’s only one problem with this – many of the new access codes are also invalid! I’ve heard from several people who have had to return to the store several times, coming home each time with another invalid access code!

No Color Choice For Beats Headphones

If you bought a set of Dr Dre Beats headphones, you were probably excited about choosing one of the many vibrant colors. Unfortunately, you may have not gotten the chance to. Turns out, the Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee website was experiencing a glitch that only allowed users to choose black as a color option.

Well, that’s no fun! Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee customers who try to register their cards for the Beats headphones are now instructed not to proceed with their transactions if they are not given a color choice. Instead, they should clear their cache, restart their browsers, and try the page again.

If it doesn’t work after all that, what then? What if this problem isn’t fixed by the deadline tomorrow night? Do they simply go without or settle on black?

Invalid Walmart Access Code Workaround

Some of my readers have found a roundabout way to still get the products that they stood in line for hours waiting for. They’ve success purchasing their items, which are still on sale on, by using their access code as a gift card number. It’s a roundabout way of doing things, but it might work for some items…

Please let us all know if this method works for you in the comments below. I can’t take the credit for figuring this out, so a big thank you to Megan who tipped me off to this!

Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee: Is It a Scam or Fraud??

I can’t answer this question. However, there are a lot of people who are starting to think that the Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee IS a scam, fraud, or at the very least false advertising.

I do know one thing…

Walmart is now facing some VERY angry people! They need to do something about the problems with the Walmart One Hour Guarantee website, and FAST!

The first night, after I returned to Walmart, I simply chalked all of the problems up to heavy website traffic and temporary glitches. Not anymore. I can get through to the website just fine now, so traffic doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore, and they’ve had plenty of time to fix any glitches.

Although I, myself, did not have the displeasure of getting a Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee card, I feel for those of you who did. Even I – a consumer without these problems – am starting to get angry!

I wrote this post for a couple of reasons. First, I wanted to keep everyone informed and update all of you on what I know. Second, I also hope that you’ll help spread the word about this Walmart debacle.

So, here’s my message to Walmart:

Walmart, you can not ignore your consumers. You need to take steps to make things right! And you can start by extending the Walmart One Hour Guarantee registration deadline! 

Let us know if you’ve encountered any other problems registering your Walmart One Hour Guarantee card. If you were able to successfully fix your problem, let us all know how you did it…

Also, Share and Like this post if you think that the Walmart 1 Hour Guarantee registration deadline should at least be extended. 

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  • Chris

    I did like your website until you posted this. You didn’t even get a one hour item and you are freaking out. Get over it!

    • Mercedes Levy


      No, I didn’t get a Guarantee Card this year, and I’m truly sorry if I offended you.

      I’ve done nothing but try to help since Thanksgiving night when I got home from Walmart myself. I stood in line forever behind four other people, and watched as the cashier was having serious problems ringing up guarantee cards. I figured there would be some problems, but I didn’t realize just how bad. When I finally made it home, the posts I had written on the Walmart guarantee cards were slammed with comments from people who were “freaking out” over the fact that there cards didn’t work. I could have ignored them, but I guess I chose not to. I simply felt terrible for them, some of whom seemed so desperate, and just wanted to help.

      So, before you admonish me… Did you get a guarantee card this year? If so, did your registration go smoothly? If so, great! I’m truly glad it did. But, can you imagine how you’d feel if it didn’t – after hours of waiting in line for what you wanted?

      I never meant to imply that Walmart was running a scam or committing fraud, and I’m sorry if you got that impression. A lot of people do think that, though, which is evident from the comments on their Facebook page and various blogs around the Internet.

      Am I freaking out? Not really. But I’ll say it again – I do feel terrible for the people who are scared and frustrated because they can’t register their cards. I was also a little irritated with how Walmart was handling the situation, but I want everything to work out in the end. It looks like it just might, since Walmart IS most likely going to do the right thing and extend the deadline. I hear they’re also substituting a different – and sometimes better – brand of TV for some people who were having trouble registering their guarantee cards. Good for them!

  • T Anderson

    Walmart THINKS they have loyal customers. They believe that their prices are so good & so low that it doesn’t matter what they do or how they treat customers. As long as people keep acting like Walmart is the only game in town Walmart will continue to abuse the public. I’m finished with them! They are so evil!

  • Allison

    Thanks for the post. I appreciate knowing there are glitches. I tend to be someone who waits til the last minute and it sounds like this might take some multiple tries.

    • Mercedes Levy


      It looks like they could possibly extend the deadline this year for registering. Don’t take my word for it, though, since I haven’t seen an official announcement on it yet. I’ll update this post again when I do.

  • Tammie

    I used three of the 1-hour guarantee cards (for three different items) and didn’t have a problem. It did take a long time to get into the website, but it was set up so that as long as you stayed on the website, it basically checked every 30 seconds to see if it was ready for you to enter the code. Once I was able to get on, I entered the code and I’ll be picking up my items at my local Wal-mart.

  • Leesa

    I got the guarantee gift card for the iPad Mini. I accessed the website the following morning and ordered my product with no issues at all. Unfortunately the issues I had we’re the night before at the register, as the employees did not know the $100 gift card promised in the ad were not immediate, but rather are being issued electronically when the product shipped. Several registers were held up due to angry and confused customers, several of which immediately went to Customer Service for refunds. Definitely should have been disclosed in the ad…

  • Maggie

    I bought two tv’s on the 1 hour guarantee…the employees in the store were prepared to answer questions and explain what needed to be done (once we found where the TV’s were – not in the normal section)…I logged on yesterday and had no issue’s ordering them. As long as they are delivered when they are supposed to be I will be a happy person.

  • Mary

    I think what a lot of the problem is that some Wal-Mart employees were not trained correctly on how the card was to work. I did receive one of the 1 hour guarantee cards. I read the card as I walked around the store. Checkout seemed to go smoothly. After I finished with that WalMart, I went out and ate with family. On the way back home, I stopped at the WalMart closer to my house to see if some of the things the first WalMart ran out of was in stock. When I went to checkout, someone in front of me had some 1 hour cards (Well actually copies of some). I was thinking why are they on printer paper? The cashier had an issue ringing them out and sliding gift cards. I was like wait! I never got a gift card. After the transaction, I went to ask one of the cashiers if I should’ve received a gift card from the other store. She said she didn’t know since she came in at 10pm. She directed me to the CSM. I asked her and she said that they should’ve given me a gift card. I told her I had the 1 hour card and my receipt. She said I should’ve also gotten the WalMart gift card and I needed to go to the first store and get one. I was not to thrilled! That was a 20 minute one way trip. So I went to the 1st WalMart and talked with the CSM. They said that my 1hour card was the “gift card” and I didn’t need one. The other Walmart was doing it wrong and their stuff was going to be all thrown off. They said that they heard other stores were doing that and had stopped. Some of their cashiers gave away gift cards too but they were corrected and informed they weren’t suppose to. When I finally made it home, I logged on and had no issues. I’m sure with scanning the 1 hour card and maybe trying and scanning gift cards and some of the WalMarts not quite sure how it worked added to the chaos.

  • Lisa Millerd

    Glad to read the posts and replys that the shoppers did not have problems using their. 1 hour card. Your question suggests a pretty hefty accusation… I’m glad that is not the case! At most, it sounds like bad training.

  • Curtis Frazier

    I got one of the 1 hour guarantee cards and had no issues with it. I was instructed how to use it and once I got home the next day, I was able to get the TV. However, I ended up with a better model than the one I was suppose to get because WalMart had sold out and did a substitution.

  • Jon gore

    I spent hours on Thanksgiving waiting in the cold outside and more time in line inside. I paid for the product I was “Guaranteed” to get before Christmas. I put the order in on 11/29, not issues everything was accepted. Chose my store to ship to and even the alternate contact. Just check the status on 12/7 and status says CANCELLED!! No email notification. Spent over 4 hours over the last 2 days trying to track this down and NOTHING but “Sorry, out of stock”. Bounced from Store to to One Hour Guarantee crew BACK to No one can tell me if I am going to receive this gift for my son that I purchased and have spent hours now trying to track down. don’t respectable retailers make it right for customers by substituting equal or great product for their mistakes? Or is Walmart with all it’s power and money not a respectable retailer? I am starting to think this was intentional (i.e. Fraud) on WalMart’s part. Hold hundreds of millions on customers $$$ for 30+ days and not have to product product. Sell them gift cards instead? Maybe 5% of them will never use. another 10% only use a portion or lose them altogether. Nice Scam.