Walmart and Target: Free Travel Size Tide and Olay

In the 8/29 P&G coupon insert from this weekend, there are two coupons that you can use to get FREE travel size products at Walmart and Target:

Olay Travel Size Body Wash $.97 at both Target & Walmart
Use $1/1 any Olay Body Wash or Hand Cream Coupon (8/29 P&G) (no size restrictions)
Free after coupon!

Tide travel size (1 load) $.97 at both Walmart & Target
Use $1/1 any Tide Coupon (8/29 P&G) (no size restrictions)
Free after coupon!

Thanks, Clippin’ with Carie!

To see more inexpensive or free items at Target, click HERE.  Or for Walmart, click HERE.

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  • hello I went to walmart yesterday the trave size tide 97cents the cashier lady said I couldn’t use them because It was 97cent and I had $1.00 coupon and because of the size I told her it shows on there any size she aked her manager and manager said no and also saying because it was liquid instead of powder but it was for liqiud I was very frustrated when I got in the car .she didn’t even scan my coupons to see if it would work she said she been working there for 9 years you can’t do that .So are you really allowed to buy 97 cents product with a dollar coupon

    • amo

      The same thing happened to me at walmart today and I gave them the same argument that you did but my walmart’s manager said the same thing. She said that the manufacturers don’t pay them for the coupon if they allow the customer to use the coupon to buy the trial size. If anyone knows what is the manufacturer’s policy for this scenario please let me know….and where can I view it and print it.

      This has happened to me at Target too. When I do it at CVS they always accept these coupons for the trial or travel sizes. I believe that if they were not getting the money from the manufacturers they would also not allow it.

      All in all CVS is the best and friendliest place for die hard coupon users like me.

  • heather

    this is not true! I printed a copy of their coupon policy and I take it with me everytime I go to walmart because the always argue with me and i win with their policy it says if the value of the coupon is greater than the price of the item the overage can be applied to your total purchase or given to you as cash I went to walmart and bought 56 of the heinz ketchup because right now they have coupons out for $1/1 heinz ketchup and it has no size well at walmart by the deli they have small glass bottles for .58 cents and I bought those and 26 packs of bic pens which there is a $1/1 coupon for on facebook and at all our surrounding walmarts they have the bic round stick like 10 packs of pens for .75 cents and i bought one axe and they paid me $28.00 print the policy and take it with you!