Walmart: Black Friday 09 Ad Sneak Peak


If you have been wondering what some of the deals will be at Walmart this coming Black friday, I have a sneak preview for you.  Here are some of the deals Walmart will have:

The following toy deals begin 11/21 and end 11/28 (hopefully they will be part of the weekly circular so you can take to Target and have it price matched):

EZ Bake Oven $16 (price match at Target and Use $5/1 Target Toy coupon to get it for $11)

Baby Alive Newborn $8

Little Dreams Doll $8

Lil Luvables Studio $8

Disney Princess Scooter $99

Nerf N-Strike Vulcan $25 (price match at Target and Use $5/1 Target Toy coupon to get it for $20)

26-inch Vizio LCD HDTV TV for $248, down from $347.

The following are exclusively Black Friday Deals:

Magnavox Blu Ray Disc Player for $78

Sanyo 50″ Plasma HDTV for $598

Tom Tom 3.5″ GPS for $59

Barbie Power Wheels Ride-On $88

Kids’ licensed character sleepwear $3

$7 fleece reversible jackets for the family

Are you planning on hitting any Black Friday sales?  The last time I hit a Black Friday sale was two years ago and I hit my local Walgreens!  I don’t think I plan on hitting any store this year.  The same can not be said about my husband though, hehe.

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  • Dee

    Don’t the Target coupons expire on 11/25/2009? Target updated their price match policy to not include price buster ads.

  • melissa

    i was wondering about target also. they said no limited time prices would be honored. which i don’t understand because all flyers are for a limited time

  • The toy deals begin 11/21 which is Sunday and end on 11/28.The Target coupons don’t expire until 11/25 which is Thursday. Hopefully the toy deals will be included in the weekly circular and you will be able to take that to Target to have it price matched.


  • Patricia

    Thanks for the heads up on the Tom Tom deal. Been looking for one for a few months for my directional challenged husband.

  • Joan

    Can you order the Tom Tom online that morning and get it for that price? I don’t want to fight that crowd.

  • Andrea

    No way…no Black Friday for me. Being 8.5 months pregnant at that point, I am NOT risking getting trampled by some of the folks who turn into animals at the store’s doors opening…not after what happened last year.

    I’m going to stay home, bake, finish up a few papers for my Grad classes, and enjoy my family. I’m more of a “Let’s just order it from Amazon” type of girl. 😉

  • Kristin

    I am really looking forward to Black Friday! It has been at least a five year tradition with my mom and I. We usually hit up best buy as it seems someone always has electronics on their list! It is also a great way for my mom and I to just catch up and hang out (without the kids). She is on the lookout for a new lcd tv and it seems this would be a good year to get one! Thanks for posting the black friday deals when you find em Mercedes! 🙂

  • Heather

    I went today to get an Easy bake oven and a doll. They were not marked at those prices and told me they didnt know what I was talking about. Asked where did I see an ad and I told them I havn’t seen an actual ad. They said they were nothing they could do!

    • Alex

      Heather..dont be so dumb to think that those adds are just anyday..its BLACK FRIDAY the day after thanksgiving from 5am to 11am on the 28th of this month

    • Hi Heather,
      I am sorry but that is what the Press Release I received said. That some of the toy deals would begin today and that included the easy bake oven. I think my other suggestion would be to have the item scanned to verify the price. Maybe it wasn’t tagged yet?


      • Heather

        Mercedes, it is now posted on there website. So I will use that as my backbone in this one.

        Thanks a lot for all you do!!!

  • Heather

    Alex, obviously I’m not the dumb one consideing you can’t comprehend what you read. The post stated the easy bake and doll sales as starting today.

    Now before posting try learning to comprehend what you read.