Walmart Deals 5/16

Here are the latest rollback offers Walmart has available. The Heinz Ketchup is on rollback for only $1 nationwide, except in the states of OK, WI and HI where it is $1.18. But that’s still more than half off! Talk about a loss leader. Here are more rollbacks:

Listerine 1.5 liter $4 (or $5.17 in OK, HI and WI) was $5.88-$6.27
Use $2/1 Listerine Products (IE) or Printable (FF) or
Use $1/1 Listerine Products 3/7/2010 RP Insert (exp 12/31/2010) or
Use $1/1 Listerine Whitening Rinse
Pay as little as $2 after coupon

Tide 50 oz $4.97 (was $7.48-$8.12)
Use $1/1 Tide Detergent 5/2/2010 P&G Insert (exp 5/31/2010)
Pay $3.97 each after coupon

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Cookies 8.5-12.5oz $2 (was $2.88)
Use $0.55/2 Keebler Cookies, exp. 6-13-10 (RP 04/18/10)
Pay $3.45 for two after coupon

Kraft Mac & Cheese 5 pack $2.50 each (was $3.58)
I have seen some of these multipacks with peelie coupons for free Capri Sun on them

Heinz Ketchup 40 oz $1 (or $1.18 in OK, HI and WI) (was $2.42)

Kraft Mayo 30 oz $1.97 (was $3.40/2.98)

Great Value Mozzarella, Chunk 16oz $3.26 (Was $3.62)

Breyers Ice Cream 48oz $2.25 (was $2.88)

Beneful Dog Food 31.1 lb $19.97 (was $26.48-$27.97)

Cesar Dog Food 3.5 oz $0.50 (was $0.72-$0.83)

Keep up with all current Walmart Deals by visiting this page. Planning a shopping trip to Walmart? Take with you their coupon policy for a smoother shopping experience. Read my Walmart Shopping Guide to learn how to get stuff for free or very cheap

Disclosure: “I am a participant in the Walmart Moms program. Walmart has provided information to help create this post and has paid me to post this. Participation in this program is voluntary. All opinions expressed are my own.”

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  • Birgitte

    They make 1.5 liter bottles of Listerine? Is this a new size? I don’t think I have seen larger than 1L before at my Walmart. 1.5 l for $2 would be AWESOME! The last couple of months it has been the Walmart brand for $1.80 f0r 1L since even with coupons the store brand ends up being cheaper.

  • Birgitte

    Never mind. I looked it up and this size and price is only for the antiseptic mouthwash, not the Total Care which is what we buy.

  • I don’t live very close to any national chain stores- everything is about an hour away. How can I find out prices for HI before going down so I don’t take such long shopping trips? Mahalo!

    • Linds,
      so sorry in my delay in getting back. Your situation is hard because yes, there is no way to find out prices before you are in store. but I just wanted to let you know that these rollbacks I am posting on Saturdays are nationwide rollbacks that are shared with me from Walmart directly. So these rollbacks should be available in HI as well with price variations as noted of course.


  • Von

    My sister-in-law recently told me her walmart said that beginning in May, they will no longer be accepting any internet printable coupons at all…The cashier said that this will be going nationwide…Has anyone else heard anything about this? I told her to check with a manager, as I believe it is not true…I think the cashier misunderstood…I know at my wm, they will now only accept internet coupons that will scan, no more manually typing them in, I’m wondering if this is what the cashier was thinking of?

  • Michelle

    Walmart now takes Albertson’s doubles! The cashier told me about it when I bought my newspapers! I went home and got my coupons to try it. I bought 5 items and it only cost 23 cents. They allow you to do it in ONE transaction! This was the Eagle/Fairview location. She said they also take % off coupons now too!!!

  • My Wal-Mart is not taking internet printables either. They looked at all my printables and determined they were all fraudulent. I’m very irritated at the “no longer accepting internet printables” crap.

  • Catherine

    Printables – yes, I have been told by two different cashiers at 2 different Walmarts that they do not accept internet Q’s.

    However, I emailed corporate and was told that they do accept them.

    Also… I have used them at Walmart so it’s a case by case basis I think.

    Very irritating though and I really don’t like Walmart.

  • So why are prices higher in Wisconsin and Oklahoma than the rest of the states?
    I can understand it might cost more to transport products to Hawaii but what is up with Ok and Wi?
    I live in Oklahoma, just about 100 or so miles from Arkansas where Walmart has their home office. I cannot think of any reason they should charge us more for the same things they are selling for less in 47 other states.

    • Pavan Battar

      Sorry about the delayed response. The reason is because OK and WI have rediculous “minimum markup” laws. For example, gas stations MUST charge 10% over wholesale. (There’s a reason people call Madison the Kremlin of the midwest lol).

      The laws have been found to be unconstitutional, but they are still enforced by the states, and it’s easier for Walmart to comply than it is to get drug through the court system.

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