Walmart: Free Yo Gabba Gabba Music Download


Walmart is offering a free Yo Gabba Gabba song download: “Get The Sillies Out.”  Make sure to pick the right onw so you are not charged for it.  It is also highlighted in yellow so you don’t miss it.  I don’t know what it is about Yo Gabba Gabba but little kids love it.  In general, I think the show is a bit weird but obviously I am not the show’s target audience.  Hope your kids enjoy!

Thanks Freebie Blogger!

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  • Ln

    I think the show is extremely weird too. And of course, now I can’t get this song out of my head just from reading this post.

  • Oh you guys. The show is AWESOME with a capital “A”. (but, hey, I went to art school and lived in NYC) It’s my favorite toddler show. Don’t you love seeing hot bands like The Shins and Nuttin’ But Strings in diguise on that show? And Mark Mothersbaugh looks and acts just like my favorite creative director, funny to see him drawing instead of composing. My Hurricane Luka walks around the house doing “Biz’s Beat Box of the Day”, can now balance a spoon on his nose, and actually brushes his teeth to “It’s fun to brush your teeth”. Thank you Thank you for the free song…I wish they’d put out an entire album of the segments from “Super Music Friends Show”…especially The Banana Song.

  • Thanks Mercedes! I just went to get mine;)

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