Walmart: Snow White Blu-Ray/DVD Combo $4.96 starting 10/6


Tuesday 10/6 is the release of Snow White and the Seven Dwarf’s Diamond Edition. During the first week after its release Walmart will be selling the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack for $19.99. Use this printable coupon (IE Link) (FF Link), to get the combo for $9.96. But wait there’s more! There’s also a rebate offered by Hefty: get $5 back via main when you buy the Blue-Ray or DVD PLUS one Hefty Plate, Easy Grip Cup or Baggies Product.  Get it for only $4.96 after coupon and rebate offer.  Thanks Lisa!

Happy Savings!

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  • Emma K

    What a great deal! Early Christmas shopping for my nieces for Christmas since we already have it on dvd and don’t care about blueray for ourselves

  • Andrea

    The bluray-dvd pack is usually one set sold together – we got that with Pinocchio when it came out on BluRay. It’s not a blu ray, and a DVD that can be separated, I don’t think.

    But either way – this is an AWESOME deal!!!

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  • Jamie

    Thanks so much.

  • Lisa

    I’m so excited about this deal now that the Hefty rebate is included! My daughter’s birthday is this month and she is planning on being Snow White for Halloween. So, I’m sure she will want this as her birthday party theme. I can get party supplies and the dvd/blue ray combo! I need to see how many rebates per household because I might buy 2.

  • Emma K

    I think it’s only 1 rebate a household because I was planning on buying two, but I think I still will because $10 is still better than $20 just not as good as $5.

  • Erika

    Hey guys Toys R Us is also doing something similar. The first 4 days of its release its on sale for 19.99 and in the ad it says, 9.99 with $10 online coupon. Plus if you leave a $5 deposit before it’s release they give you back a $5 gift card the day you pick up the movie, (I plan on putting a deposit on Tinkerbell with this gift card because you get a free photo album when you pick up the movie.)This deal is made even sweeter if you have a Toys R Us Credit card like I do, there constantly sending me $10 gift cards, so I won’t be paying anything out of pocket and still end up with a $5 gift card. Hope I explained this well, lol.
    Thanks for all you do.

  • Erika

    I forgot to add the hefty rebate. So if you purchase the movie at 19.99 and use the $10 online coupon. You pay 9.99 oop and Toys R Us gives you A $5 gift card on the spot, plus the $5 rebate, you end up making $0.04 out of this deal.

  • Kim

    Where do I find more information about the Toys R Us deal? I couldn’t find anything in todays circular or online about Snow White. Thanks!!

  • Erika

    It’s in my circular page 9 top left corner. The info about the $5 gift card when you leave a $5 deposit was in the circular a couple weeks back. But it’s still going on, when you leave your deposit they give you a card, on this card is where it states you’ll recieve a gift card when you pick up your movie. Feel free to call your local toys r us.

  • Andrea

    Sweet!! Thanks for the heads up on TRU!!!!

  • Penny

    I got a message saying that I already printed this coupon the number of times allowed, but I haven’t printed this coupon at all???

  • Penny

    Does anybody know what I can do about that message? Is there another way to access this coupons, or is there someone that I can contact?

    I would really like to get this movie for my daughter.

  • KW

    I think that the wrong link was attached. The website showing coupon choices should have been attached. Instead, the print page link was attached – and it has been used too many times under that user.
    Can you attach the correct link – or tell us where to find it?

  • Saundra

    I am receiving the same message — that I have already printed that coupon. I haven’t printed it! I have had this message come up other times on various products. I don’t know what to do about it. Any ideas?

    • That message usually means that the coupon has reached print limit already and there are no more coupon prints available. This coupon has been very popular.


  • Leah

    I entered my old Snow White UCP code to my disneymovie rewards and was directed to the link to print the coupon. I get the “you have already printed” link too” I did a “contact us” email under my Disney Movie Rewards. I am hoping to hear from some one.

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  • V

    K-Mart is offering the same price on the combo as Walmart AND offering a FREE doll along with your purchase. You can use the $10 coupon, PLUS the rebate, thus getting the movie for $4.96 AND get a free Snow White (or two other options) for FREE. I’m hitting K-Mart early in the morning so I can get everything ahead of everyone else. The dolls are only while supplies last. I’m thinking Christmas too.

  • Aj

    Does anyone know if there are specific things to buy for this (ie Hefty products?) I see that it says “participating” items… anyone know what they are (or aren’t?)
    Thanks AJ

  • Renee

    I tried to print the coupons last night w/o success. I just tried again & was able to print 2, so they must have added more prints. Just wanted to let you guys who weren’t able to print them yesterday know that you should now be able to print 2.

  • erika

    Can someone post a link to the kmart deal, i didnt see anything in my flyer. Thanks

  • Amanda

    Another Rebate is with Kernel Season’s:
    *Save $5.00 on a Disney Blu-ray and DVD by mail when you buy any one (1)
    Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Santa Buddies or UP DVD or Blu-ray™
    – PLUS – any two (2) participating Kernel Seasons products.**

    Offer valid through 2/28/10. Good in US only. Void where prohibited.

  • Amanda


    The movie is advertized at $27.99 with a free Disney Princess Doll. So, $17.99 after coupon, and $12.99 after a $5 MIR. However, maybe your market is different than mine, but that is ours in Utah.

  • Penny

    I was looking at my K Mart ad after I saw this deal posted. It is in the ad by all of the princess bedding, and girly stuff. There is a small section in the upper right hand corner of that page that points out the deal that they are offering.

    the deal says that the price on the movie is: $17.99 after the $10.00 off coupon, and that you get a free princess doll while supplies last.

    I personally think that the $19.99 – the $10.00 off coupon is the better deal.

  • erika

    Thanks Amanda, this is the link.

  • Samantha

    PENNY- try again. i had the same problem yesterday but today it printed, no problem. Thanks a ton for the scenario! DH wants this movie- lol!!!

  • Emma K

    If you already own Snow White on DVD or VHS and upgrade the movie you can also get $10 back

  • Aj

    FYI: I went to KMart after work to get the “deal” thinking it was 19.99 on sale– it is not– it is not even selling for the sale price of 27.99 at my store (in South Atlanta). It rang up 29.99, and they had NO IDEA what I was talking about when I mentioned the barbie gift with purchase. Make sure to take your flyer with you and talk to the manager if need be.

    I ended up going to WalMart and while the price on the shelf said 29.99, it rang up at 19.99.

  • Molly

    Did anyone else try the Wal-Mart? The guy rang it up and it was $24, even though there are two different ones out there, and the web site has them listed as $19 for on and $24 for another.

  • erika

    I went to Toys R Us and got Snow White yesterday and put a $5 deposit on Tinkerbell and only paid $1.33 OOP, which was only the tax.

    Also I was at the Disney Store yesterday and the had a really cute Snow White Reuseable Bag on sale for $1.88 so I picked one up also. They weren’t marked sale, I just happened to hear an employee tell another employee so be sure to ask, they said it was because of the release of the movie, so I don’t know how long it will be on sale.

  • Pam Jordan

    Can someone help me out with what and where to obtain the hefty rebate? It would be greatly appreciated. Un-employed Mom of 4.

  • Penny

  • Pam Jordan

    Thanks Penny. UR the best.

  • At my WalMart both versions rang up at $24.96 🙁

  • Penny

    I went to Wal-Mart this week, and it was posted at a higher price than what was advertised. I just took my Wal-Mart over to Target, and had them price match it there.

    I have been having really bad experiences at Wal-Mart. I bought two Klondike bars that were priced at $1.00. I had two $1.00 off MC on any Klondike. Same thing with the Edy’s Dibs. I had two -$2 off any 2 Edy’s Dibs from a mailer (either Nestle or Nabisco). Those wouldn’t scan, and again those would have been free after the coupon, so that was a problem. Even though what I bought was pictured on the coupon even. Then I bought trial size deodorant with a $1.00 off coupon. The coupons did not exclude trial size. Well, that was a problem too. They had to call the store manager over. I still spent $70.00 after coupons. This happens every time I shop there.

  • Pam Jordan

    Penny, I am so glad you posted this. I have a lot of problems with Wal-Mart also. The coupons must scan or they will not accept them. Also any time I have price matching I spend at least 30 minutes waiting while they are trying to decide if they will do it or not.
    It is unfortunate but everything is a huge hassle with them when you try to save on their merchandise. I have gotten to where I shop there as little as possible.

  • Jordan

    Has anyone had any luck finding a “participating Hefty product” for this rebate? I’ve been looking for a special “snow white rebate” marking on the package and haven’t found ANY so far. Just curious if I’m looking for the right product…?

  • Renee S.

    Jordan, I bought Hefty plates at Target. They had a special Snow White on there, but you can buy any Hefty plates. I tried to find baggies, but they were just the big size, not sandwich, & a bit pricey.

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