Walmart Will Price Match Black Friday Ads

walmartlogo1 Walmart Will Price Match Black Friday Ads

Walmart announced today that it will help simplify your Black friday shopping by Price Matching Black Friday ads from competitors.  Just a couple of things to remember about Walmart’s Price Match policy:

  • They don’t match buy one get one free or buy one get one half off item.
  • You must price match the same exact item.

One thing I love about Walmart’s Price Match is that you do it right there at the register as you are checking out.  What I usually do to make things easier for me and the cashier is to leave the items I am having price matched until the end.  Then as I put them on the belt I tell the cashier the item is for price match and I show him/her the competitor’s ad before she scans it.

Thanks Saving Dollars and Sense!


  1. Feona says:

    how can I get my hands on a black friday ad before thanksgiving? I really want the ad for Target. Do I have to wait til Friday?

  2. Juanita says:

    I live in a smaller town with a Target about 60 miles away. Does Walmart’s price matching policy cover competitors that are that far away, or do they have to be local competitors?

  3. I’m pretty sure Target is matching all prices too!

  4. Melissa T says:

    Curious I know they will match prices but say walmart does there sale at 4 but another store doesn’t do it til 6 does that mean we have to wait til 6am to get that price? I would hope not but someone may bet a wild hair up there butt and decide it.

  5. Amy says:

    I too would love to see if they will price match with a distance of 60 plus miles. That has always been our problem we are too rural for the great matching deals.

  6. Melissa T says:

    I re-read the whole article(and printed it out) It seems to state that its for all 3 days so we will see. I do plan to call the store to double check it out though. It would make my shopping on friday so much easier.

  7. Steph T says:

    Wonder if they will price match a Gift card deal? There’s a video game i would like that has a $10.00 GC. I bet they don’t. Any idea how to find out?

  8. Holly says:

    Do you think they’ll match percent off deals? Like… if something is half off at one store, think they’ll match that?

    • Juanita says:

      They only price match for a specific price, no % off deals, or gift card deals, or buy this and get that. The ad has to state the exact price and it has to be the exact same item.. Of course be prepared for cashiers to be less than friendly about price matching on Black Friday, since they have a huge never-ending line of people and it takes extra time to show them the ad and a few extra buttons to push for them to key in the price. The cashier I had last year couldn’t believe I was price matching on a day like that, but I was very understanding of her rude demeaner.

  9. Peg says:

    Will Walmart price match their own Black Friday deal if I already have the item in layaway?


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