Ways to get Multiple Coupon Inserts

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Alicia from “Let Joy Resound” left a comment asking: “How do most people get FOUR coupons from the weekly inserts? Do you buy four Sunday papers?” Well Alicia, that’s an option. Here are other alternatives for getting your hands on multiple coupon inserts:

  • Buy multiple newspapers: This is perhaps the easiest one, though not the cheapest. Usually sunday versions of the newspaper cost higher than everyday versions. To work around that I suggest you check your local dollar store to see if they carry Sunday newspapers. Another option is to find a cheaper newspaper. If you take a look at your coupon inserts, on the spine of it on very tiny print you will find the list of newspapers that carry that version of those inserts. See if you can find a cheaper alternative among those listed.
  • Buy multiple inserts: You also have the alternative of just buying the inserts. Out of the top of my head I know “Coupons and Things by Dede” offers the service. I am sure you can find full inserts being auctioned on that big auction site.
  • Ask friends, family and neighbors: It is a fact that coupon users are a minority. Chances are friends and family are throwing away their coupon inserts intact or mostly intact. Don’t be afraid to ask them for their copies. My in laws are happy to share their inserts with me. Whenever they visit I make sure to show them one or two things I have bought cheap with the coupons they provided. For them it is a free way to lend a hand.
  • Make friends with paper delivery person: It is very likely that the person who delivers your Sunday newspaper has a surplus of newspapers at the end of his/her run. Leave him/her a note saying you would like to get in touch with her. When she gets in touch with you explain to her that you would like to get your hands in multiple coupon inserts and if she has any left when she’s done delivering newspapers. Offer to pay for them or maybe to share with her some of the freebies you score. I have a friend who has worked this arrangement with her delivery person and she keeps the delivery person well stocked with the free goodies she’s able to score with multiple coupons.
  • Take a walk around neighborhood: another option is to take a walk around your neighborhood before the recycling truck visits and pick newspaper inserts from your neighbor’s bins. If this is too close for comfort maybe you can hit another neighborhood? I have to admit this is a little too gutsy for me and I would be more comfortable exploring the last option:
  • Take a dive: Not in the pool, in the dumpster! Dumpster diving is perhaps the cheapest way to get your hands on lots of coupon inserts. First, make sure you find out if it is legal to dumpster dive in your state. Then all you need to do is find a recycling bin, someone to go with and take the plunge, literally, ha ha! For more information on some tools to make dumpster diving easier make sure to check this thread. Or just check out the thread to read the funny stories in it.

Being frugal is all about being resourceful and exploring multiple options until you find the one that works for you. Hopefully, one of these options will work for you.
I would love to hear if anyone has given dumpster diving a try. I would like to but there are no recycle bins in my small town.

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  • Alicia

    Thanks for the great information! I appreciate it and look forward to increasing my stash of coupons 🙂

  • Lorie

    My library has a basket for coupons and people bring them in. It takes me a while to go through them all. I just went and got lots of $2.oo off pullups coupons and used them at CVS for the $8.99 deal!
    I learned a lot from your article. I never knew you could buy the coupons except for e-bay.

  • Anonymous

    My library used to have complimentary Sunday papers from the local cable company. This was before I couponed so now I curse that we have moved! 🙂 I was very pleasantly surprised to find my community provides a free paper on Thursday. The paper is delivered and has a duplicate set of coupons. Sometimes a few key ones are missing but I usually take my chances since I can go for walks and find tons of them in gutters and such or I can just buy them for .40 each.

  • Mercedes

    Thank you guys for the library tips. That is one venue I haven’t explored yet. Maybe I can get lucky there.

  • FishMama

    Yes, yes, on the library. My library is fairly small, but has three Sunday papers. Anyone can just take the inserts. I try not to be a pig and not take them all. But, if it’s closing time, I figure it’s fair game.

  • Innocent Observer

    We have asked local retailers to save the Sunday papers for us. Usually we need to remember to get them right as they close on Sunday evenings because they more often than not go into the dumpster in the morning, depending on who is working. We end up with a ridiculous amount of coupons this way.

    We use the papers for our gerbils, and recycle what we don’t use, so I figure that we are doing a good deed at the same time.

  • Innocent Observer

    Another great tip I have been given is to staple multiple copies together before clipping. It keeps them all together and makes them easier to cut. Personally I staple right on the coupon then gently pull them off the staple as I use them.

  • Rebecca Kvenvolden

    i discovered an easy way to do this last tuesday. It is Kids eat free at Denny’s in my area, and they have a huge newspaper place full of papers, and by tuesday, no one is interested in the sunday inserts anymore, i was able to get like 4 of this weeks and one of last weeks!

  • Anonymous

    I almost forgot to get the paper one Sunday and ran to the gas station at 9:45pm and grabbed 4 (there was a 1/2 price deal). The guy thought I was crazy and I told him I just wanted the coupons he said oh you can grab as many as you want I’m going to throw them away in 5 minutes. So now I get my papers at 9:45pm every Sunday–just don’t forget.

  • Julie

    Thanks for the handy information. My parents and a co-worker give me my coupons so I always have atleast 3 sets.

  • Anonymous

    Just a word of caution about taking things out of recycling bins – our city will prosecute people who take anything out of recycling bins. The city says once it is in the recycling bin and the bin is out for pickup, it technically belongs to the city at that point). It’s better to ask the neighbors rather than take them out of the bins – at least in our area. (personally, I think that’s insane, but that’s the city for ya)

  • Mercedes

    Well somebody got to the coupon inserts at my library before I did. All the newspapers were cleaned out. Maybe next week I will get lucky!

  • Virginia

    You can also check the basket of newspapers at a coffee shop if you stop to get something — best time is sometime Sun/Mon depending on how quickly they throw them out.

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  • Jessica

    Lots of great suggestions! Our neighborhood also has the ‘mini version’ inserts in the Thursday paper posted near our mailboxes. I always wait until the next Wednesday, then clean out what’s left before the lady comes to throw them away and put the new ones in the stands.

  • stephanie

    hi, im new to couponing and i have a couple questions.. they might be stupid but im kinda of confused!

    1. do you have to have more than one coupon for the item to get several of that item?
    2. how do you find out what stores double coupons?
    3. or how do you find out the stores policy on couponing?

  • Rosa

    I purchase 10 Sunday papers for delivery for only $4.00. Talk to to the sales manager of the Newspaper in your area. They have discount deals that are for high volume purchases. Maybe 10 is not a high volume but remember you get a lot more with kindness. I was a customer service manager for approx. 15 years and I can tell you that most of the time you take better care of the people that are kind to you. Good Luck!

  • Hey everyone,

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  • Kristen K.

    My aunt works at a gas station, and I used to get so many free ones, because all they do is take the leftovers to the recycling place. However, now they said if the papers aren’t purchased, they can’t give away the inserts. Anyone know why?