We Will Never Forget

I am getting choked up just thinking it has been 10 years since the events that happened in our country on 9/11/01.  I am sure almost everyone can say they will remember exactly what they were doing when they first found out what was going on.  I also know that most of us will never forget.  I am not the best with words but I wanted you to know that like you my heart is heavy today with the memories.

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  • Jessica

    Mine too. I have a fascination with disasters of all kinds and am a news junkie. I was only 22 and living alone in Chicagoland at the time. I grew up in a small town and am still very naive even after 14 years of urban living. I just left my part time job – had been fulltime 8 years and part time 3 months- working for government. The metal detectors, emergency preparedness, vaccines, all due to the attacks.

  • Anne

    My heart is heavy today.

  • laurie

    GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Count your blessings everyday, make today and everyday special.