Weird: Two Different Walgreens November Coupon Booklets?


Check out the image above sent to me by one of my readers.  She lives in Wisconsin and has found two different November Coupon booklets while shopping at two different Walgreens.  The one on the left has all of the coupons I posted about here.  But the one on the right is missing the Almay $4/1 coupon (oh no!) and a few others.  But they both run the same period length (11/1-11/28).

Just curious?  Has anyone found these different coupon booklets?  This is the first time I hear of something like this.  So I am really curious why Walgreens would do this.  Interesting, huh?

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  • Carissa T

    I was just at the Meno Falls store and paged through that book like three times! argh! so now i will have go to West Bend to get that one. It is still a deal anyway since Almay is ringing up as B1G1 (not 1/2 off). Thanks for the heads up!!!

  • Mitchell

    Those are two separate coupon books, one is the November coupon book and the other is the healthy savings coupon book. Some stores have both and some have only one or the other.

  • Weird – My store had the one on the LEFT; and IT didn’t have the Almay coupon. Very strange. I’m in NC.

  • Gloria Brown

    I had the one on the right. But it looks like they’ve ‘fixed’ the B1G1F back to 50%! Bummer!!

  • Leticia

    Yeah there are two of them…I have both. Im in CA

  • Kate

    BOGO still works in CT!!!

  • Steph

    Where in the store do you find those?! I seem to never find them!

  • Leticia

    I found both of mine in different stores in the front where their weekly ad is at.

  • Melissa

    My Walgreens just changed over from a Drug Fair brand store and all the employees aren’t familiar with the Wags coupon policy. They have no clue what the coupons booklets are and look at me crazy when I ask for them. What can I do to fix this problem? This is the closest Walgreens, the next is a pretty far drive. Any suggestions??

  • Lisa

    FYI… we have several Walgreens in our area. I have done the Almay deal at 3 of them… 2 are B1G 50% and 1 is B1G1 Free. Go figure!

  • My store (here in CA) had both booklets next to the weekly ads!

  • Sharon

    If you think that’s weird…I live in Delaware and over ONE year ago Walgreens bought our largest drug store chain Happy Harry’s. Walgreens still uses this name on the weekly flyer AND the flyer is MUCH SMALLER!!! The good part is I can go online or drive just a few miles and pick up the LARGER Walgreens weekly flyer in PA or MD. But I don’t shop there as Delaware is sales tax FREE!!! I always check out at the cosmetic counter and usually only use the same Walgreens. They have gotten to know me, but MANY times they need to price adjust (I usually take the national flyer with me) A bit of a pain, but worth the savings. The sad part is most consumers in Delaware have no idea how much they are being ripped off by Walgreens

  • Cate

    I also live in Delaware, and I get SO frustrated by all the deals we don’t get at our Happy Harry’s/Walgreens- like almost every Register Rewards money maker! I’ve been thinking about going over the line to Elkton, but it kills me to pay sales tax (Delaware born and bred)! I didn’t know we could use the national flyer to get better deals, but I guess that won’t help with the register rewards. Sometimes even the ones we are supposed to get don’t print! When Walgreens bought HH, it seems like they got rid of all the good HH stuff but didn’t add any of the great Walgreens stuff. the worst of both worlds!

  • Sharon

    Cate-it depends on the HH/Walgreens store you use. I live in the Hockessin/Pike Creek area. The HH/Walgreens at Miltown does not always print RR, but the Lantana, Brackenville and Papermill Rds. do. The last 3 are new stores(the stand alone box stores that opened after the merger) I don’t know if that has anything to do with it-but I can always get my RR’s. I have learned to ONLY use the cosmetic counter check-out, plus they have tons of freebie samples at the beginning of the month! Since I rarely use any other HH/Walgreens the managers and clerks have gotten to know me. Some are great, but they do have a few real jerks as Mgrs. and Asst. Mgrs.-but if they are to nasty I just send an e-mail off to Walgreens Corp. Office and complain. It’s amazing how kinder some of them have gotten!!! A few things to always do- First always have the printed deal- either the national flyer or print it off your computer(sometimes I just print the specific deal). Read through walgreens 101 on this site or others (you will know more about how walgreens works then its employees). If you don’t get the RR’s-just return the product or ask for the print-out to send to the catalina company (this takes about 2 months to get the RR’s)-not the best option, but have done it several times successfully. And lastly-stand your ground. HH/Walgreens DO honor the national flyer prices, deals etc.

  • Tammy

    The Healthy savings coupon book can only be used at the walgreens with the little health office in the back. I tried to use one at a different walgreens and the would not let me. My walgreens always has both books. I live in wisconsin

  • I was at the Walgreens in Sheboygan on Erie Ave and they had both of the November coupon books out. The Almay is ringing up @ B1G1.

  • Laura

    Mine had the Almay coupon, but I’m kind of surprised. I’ve noticed on past deals, like the Theraflu deal, that my coupon booklet didn’t have the right coupon. I live in Washington state, though, and our coupons generally aren’t as good, unfortunately. The Almay was also ringing up B1G1 50%, so I was pretty disappointed. The one time I actually have the right coupon…! 😉

  • Jordan

    I am from Iowa and we had both books. The almay was also ringing up b1g1 as of Wednesday.

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  • KMS

    […]I got this image from – a blog I LOVE.[…]

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  • Darla

    Could you scan an image of the Healthy Savings booklet for November and the Kleenex $1 off coupon? That would help those of us trying to find it in our stores. Thanks!

    • The image of the Healthy savings booklet is attached to this post and is the one with the woman and children baking.
      I don’t have a booklet myself to scan.


  • Tricia

    i have the one on the left and it doesn’t have the kleenex coupon 🙁

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  • Deana

    I just found the book on the right at one of my local Walgreens on Saturday, but it seems that since I found this book the November book (on the left) will no longer work. I have tried the Almay Q and the Glade Q with no luck on either, they just beep and will not scan. The managers do not seem to know why they are not working. Has anyone else run into this problem?

  • Mrs K

    I’ve looked and asked at 2 different Walgreens in North Georgia, but neither one had the Healthy Savings November coupon booklets. 🙁

  • Chelsea

    The one on the right is a coupon book they are supposed to be giving out in the pharmacy.

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  • Danielle

    There are actually 3 coupon booklets!

    I’ve seen both near us Fort Knox & Elizabethtown, KY, they also have a Healthy Savings Booklet that was handed out during flu vaccinations that has a ton of coupons as well. I just asked the manager for an extra, so I have all 3, but both stores I shop at ran out of all three booklets pretty quickly.

    • Hi Danielle,

      yes, there’s a second Healthy Savings booklet that has the picture of an African American family on the cover. That one is not a monthly booklet like these two and the coupons expire on 12/31/09.


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  • cjs

    If anyone knows of a Wags in Nor Cal near Sacramento that they picked up the booklet on the right (with mom & kids on it) at, I would love to know. Mine only had the one on the left (‘over $200 in savings’). Thanks!