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If you have found Common Sense with Money via this featured segment on the the news (Click on video to watch) last night, welcome to my blog! The purpose of this blog is to provide moms and dads with information to empower them to manage their household budget better. I combine everyday frugal living tips with smart shopping techniques to help them stretch their budget.

Besides writing about deals I also like to write about other money related topics. Some of my favorite posts include:

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  • Wendy

    Hi–would love to read those posts, but your links aren’t working for me? Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I have fixed all of the links. Thanks for letting me know.

  • That was a great interview!!

    You are so organized! Have you written any posts about your stockpiling organization method?

  • Gidget

    My husband and I saw the teaser for the segment. He said “you’re well on your way to doing that”. I said “I’ll bet it’s CSWM, because I know she’s somewhere in S/SE WI and she tracked how much she saved”. YAY for being right!

    Congrats for being featured. I’m happy that TMJ-4 is getting better at this since I was disgusted by their drama a few months ago whether a family of 4 could eat for (gasp!) $125/week.

  • Hi Mercedes

    Just thought I’d hop on over and see what’s happening over here. Awesome. Being a Simple Home frugal woman, I’m jumping back into the coupon world and looking for all the advice I can get. Back when my girls were little munchkins I clipped and saved. What’s so cool is that today, it’s so much more savvy and since your an expert, I’ll hang around here awhile and keep checking back.


  • Gidget –
    We saw that segment, and my husband get so upset at it! He huffed and puffed, and finally said to me – “We eat so much better than that! You’re so good at couponing and saving, our meals were way better! What are they thinking, “only” $125? That’s ridiculous!”

    ๐Ÿ˜‰ My husband said it best that night, I think. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Gidget

    Yep, agree completely with your husband and it was why when the “teaser” for CSWM’s segment was on, I was tempted, but chose not to watch, because of what happened in Nov. Here’s my email to them in part:
    “I was rather disappointed by the story of the family eating on $125/week. The entire story, including the lead-up and anchors discussing afterwards was “oh my- how *can* she do it???” Courtney said “some people spend that much on one meal at a good restaurant.”

    I don’t see a strictly food budget of $500 a month as bare bones and I’m sure many in SE Wisconsin feel the same way. My household makes (edited) and even before I became a SAHM, I don’t think we ever spent $500/month for food, unless it was a special occasion. We eat nutritious, balanced meals. It’s not rocket science, although TMJ4 makes it out to be!

    This story showed me just how much Today’s TMJ4 doesn’t relate to me. Perhaps it would be more helpful for your viewers to see that people can and are doing this on a regular basis and it’s not as difficult and *shocking* as people seem to think it is (I’m not volunteering). TMJ4 has been pushing the faux drama, too long and too hard, and it’s turned me off. Therefore, I will be tuning out.”

    Anyway, I’m glad to see that they are using more common sense approaches to the budget friendly/cost cutting stories that they feature.

  • Amy

    I saw your segment on the news! I was so excited to see another couponer and stockpiler in my area. Most of the couponing sites I frequent don’t have much activity on the local store sections and the other blogs I follow aren’t local to here.

    Great job on the news segment. I must have missed the $125 a week for food segment. That was probably entertaining. I was only spending $400 per month for all groceries, H&B, and household items and that was before I got into stockpiling.