Welcome to the New Common Sense with Money

I want to apologize if for a while you experienced problems accessing this website. We were in the process of moving out of the Blogger platform onto WordPress. But here we are now and I want to walk you through the new changes.

First, I want you to know that I have changed the template of the blog in an effort to make it easier to navigate for you. I want you to be able to find information without much effort and to be able to read my entries easily. This is the main reason I like to keep this blog looking clean and as uncluttered as possible.

Let’s start at the top. You will find the first navigational bar with access to information about me, how to contact me, archived entries, links to other blogs, new “Shop” and “FAQ” sections as well as a link to my Review Blog. I have finally added a Frequently Asked Questions section with answers to questions I get commonly asked in the comments sections or by email. If you would like to see answers to other related questions please leave me your question in a comment to this entry and I will add it to this section. The Shop section will be a link to my Picks of Amazon Deals but I will also add recommendations to helpful personal finance books. In the far right you will find choices for subscribing to this blog’s posts and comments.

Below the header you will find a second navigational bar. A click into these categories will rapidly bring you to my latest entries in these categories: Freebies, Hot Deals, Walgreens and CVS deals. So if you ever wanted to find out what other recent hot deals or freebies I have blogged about you just need to click on those links and you will be able to access them quickly.

Also, right at the top you will find the search bar. This is one of the reasons I fell in love with this new template. I really dislike when I visit other blogs and have to scroll up and down it looking for a way to search blog topics. So, having it readily accessible for you was a top want for me.

Finally, I have cleaned up the sidebars a little bit to make the whole blog feel less cluttered. It may take a few of days to work through other minor details. But the main change is done. I do hope you not only like it but find it useful.

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    I love your site, check it daily. The only thing I think could use a change, is that when we click on a link on your site it overrides your site. Is there a way to make it open a new tab or window?

  • Looks great Mercedes! I will have to play around with it and get used to where stuff is, but I love it!

  • Idk why that pic shows up for my profile, lol

  • Whew, glad you’re back I was lost this a.m. in the mid summer time wharp. The new template is very clean, fresh and modern looking. Looks nice and appears it will be very easy to get around.
    Thanks for the deals.

  • Marcia

    Looks so nice! You do such a great job!

  • Looks great! Love love love it!

  • Great job Mercedes…

    Same amazing content, little better design!!

  • I love the new look – but when I tried to sign up forthe feed it said feed subscriptions weren’t enabled by email.

  • Hi Sarah,
    Sorry about that, I had forgotten to update the link. It was one of those little details that needed to be ironed out.


  • are you moving you top spots list over here too? :0)

  • HI Erin,
    Unfortunately the width of that widget won’t fit in the with of the new bar. So I would have to create a new widget. I actually haven’t checked to see if they make a thinner one.


  • Looks great, Mercedes! You’re going to love WordPress.

  • Hi Mercedes –

    I have a question – I have WordPress too, but thought that you weren’t allowed to have ads on your blog under their platform. Do you have a special account? How are you able to have ads? The only reason I’m asking is that I’m interested in having ads too.

    Jennifer Duenes

    • Hi Jennifer,
      Yes, you have to become self hosted in order to have ads on wordpress. A hosting account runs as low as $4.99 a month. Actually this weekend I saw Blue Host or maybe it was Dreamhost was offering $0.99 a month hosting. I went with Lunarpages because I heard good things from other people who have it too.