What To Do When Your Catalina Does Not Print? Online Resource


Have you ever been in the position where you purchased the qualifying items but you’re catalina didn’t print?  Have you been in the checkout and the Catalina machine isn’t on or not working properly?  So Frustrating to say the least!  With all the Catalina craziness that we have had recently, I thought I would pass along some information if you find your catalina has not printed. 

 If your Catalina doesn’t print at checkout as expected, go to the online form at Catalina Marketing to report the issue. They’ll often investigate and mail you out a replacement, if they verify bought the appropriate products and were supposed to receive one.

Thanks Mashup Mom

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  • K

    I had two catalinas from Safeway that didnt print out. After being shuffled around from person to person at both Facebook and their official site and told I didnt buy the required items to warrant the catalina (which I knew was wrong) I called the 800 number for Catalina. She was very nice and took all my info and said if I had purchased the right items I would get them by mail. Low and behold not only did I get my two catalinas but a third one which I didnt even know I was eligible for. If it happens in the future maybe I will try the online version you linked to since it could be done anytime and not during biz hours. 🙂

  • krista

    I have most definitely been put in that awkward position of my cats not printing.
    Price Chopper’s cat machines are notorious for their “issues” so I’m used to this process.
    It’s time consuming and a bit frustrating depending on the associate I’m dealing with.

    When it would happen, I’d go to the Cust. Svc. desk armed with my sales ad and my receipt.
    I was always given a PC gift card to replace the cat that didn’t print.

    Thanks for posting the information, Mercedes! I’m sure it will come in handy for many coupon enthusiasts!!!