What You Need to Know About Kmart Super Doubles

Kmart Super Doubles are just a few days away.  I know you have a lot of questions, and so did I until a few hours ago.  Lucky for us, one of my readers took the time to email Kmart and get the hard answers we all want about this event.  Here is the email she got back:

Dear CSWM Readers,

Thank you for your recent correspondence. We are always interested in hearing from our customers. We appreciate your interest in our double coupon event. This event is for select participating Kmart locations from 04-04-10 to 04-10-10.

1. You must have a Shop Your Way to Rewards card in order to have your coupons doubled.  To get your Shop Your Way to Rewards card, visit your local Kmart store or apply online at www.shopyourwayrewards.com.
2.  There is no minimum amount to spend.
3.  You can double a total of 5 coupons.  Customers may not double more than one of the same coupon.

Once again, thank you for your interest in our double coupon promotions.

For the Shop Your Way Rewards card, after you apply you get a provisional card that you can use while they mail you the “real” one.  You can also apply in stores.  I would suggest going with the provisional one on hand to save time.

So, considering that you can only double five coupons per day. I want to know, will you be doubling coupons at Kmart next week?

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  • Heather

    Since 1. This is my local K-mart’s first time participating ever in this, and 2. It’s only about 3 minutes from my house, I’ll be trying it out. I am curious to see if they mean per trip, per day, per store, etc.

  • Betty

    Does anyone know if the rewards card tracks your doubles for the day? or can you just go to a second location to double 5 more?

  • Good question. I tried going to the site and applying for a card but it wasn’t working. Is it just me?

  • Good question, Betty. Also, I tried going to the site and applying for a card but it wasn’t working. Is it just me?

  • Sunny

    They state “You can double a total of 5 coupons.” It doesn’t specify per day, store, week. Makes me nervous. Then they go on to say you can only double ONE of the same coupon – again, per day, week, store??

    I’m not a huge fan of Kmart and their reply is the usual corporate “who knows what they really mean” form letter. I may try a deal after some brave folks do it first and report back.

    Thanks for the info!

  • Nancy

    This is a major bummer and so not worth running to the Kmart that is 20 minutes away. Too much bother for 5 stinking things.

  • Sarah

    Is there a list of participating stores or areas? I’ve called my store, but I always get the person who doesn’t know how to operate the phone, let alone understand what I’m trying to ask 🙂

  • Stephanie

    I was told that they track (via your card) only five times total in one day with your card. This is just not worth it for me….

  • sue wenzler

    Yes, I live about 2 minutes away , so worth it for me

  • Vickie JOnes

    I plan on going once next week, it’s only a bit out of my normal loops of shoping on Tuesday so I’ll stop…Doubling the $2.00 ben Gay, the $2.00 off nail art (kiss or Dive or Broadway) and I have a few other’s put aside I can’t remember what they are though.

    • Jenn

      Be careful… just an FYI, it sounds like coupons have to be under $2. $1.99 is the highest price coupon you can use. According to my local store (Grand Junction, CO) $2 coupons WILL NOT be doubled…

      • Sierra Martin

        my $2 were doubled today, in CA.

  • Lsa

    Well, here’s what I did.. I enrolled in the Reward program 3 times!! They go by your phone number and since we have 3 phones in the house..I used three ppl in our house for the names and all the phone numbers:) so I have 3 different Reward accounts!! I will be able to get 15 items a day, 3 different transactions!!

  • Marcia S

    I will be at my In-Laws Sunday and the Kmart is only minutes from their house! (and someones old house!) 🙁 So I will go when I get there and do two orders just to see what happens! I will let you all know how it goes! I have to say it will not be as fun going now that someone wont be going with me! 🙁

  • zelda

    This is the first time in a year my local Kmart will participate – it is only about 5 minutes from my house – you can go into the store and sign up for the Rewards Card – it is plastic and they give it to u right on the spot – no need to wait for something to be mailed – i have one for me and one for hubby –

    • Christina

      Zelda as those days are going to be hectic for them I would sign up online and print your temp card out right away. Just an idea.

  • This is my first Kmart experience… I’m excited. I know that the 5 coupon limit thing stinks but I am still excited to see what I can do…. It is about 15 minutes away and I plan on signing up my dh so that we can both go and hopefully do up to 10 transactions in one day. I pulled all my $2 coupons and I’m ready. I just hope they don’t increase the prices. Good luck!

  • Bridgitt

    I went to my local Kmart last week and they were unaware of the entire coupon week happenings (store manager included). They said, “We just aren’t informed of these things.” I was told to bring “proof” that the coupon week was happening and they would honor it. They said bringing my e-mail that states it is happening and the rules and it will be honored. I never received anything about the one of the same coupon bull. I’ll be the guinnea pig and report back on Monday!

  • anne

    no way, not worth it

  • Mel

    I wrote them and got a completely different answer.

    “Thank you for your recent correspondence. We are always interested in
    hearing from our customers. We appreciate your interest in our double
    coupon event. This event is for select participating Kmart locations
    from 04/04/10 to 04/10/10.

    A rewards card is not required to participate in this event.”

    It also said that they double up to four of the same coupons.

    Wonder which it is. Maybe the rules are regional?

  • Stacy C

    The shop your way rewards card tracks your 5 coupons used each day, unfortunately we will not be able to shop at one store use 5 MFC”s and the go to another store to use more…. for this reason alone I am not sure it’s worth the effort to drive 30 minutes to that dirty store. K Mart makes my blood boil, they agrivate me!!!

    • Nicola

      I see what they are saying….but do you REALLY think Kmart has that technology? They don’t seem to spend money on store upkeep, or for that mattering training their employees enough….would they really spend money on a VERY expensive tracking system like that?

      I’m just not 100% convinced that I believe what they are saying! lol

  • Andrea

    I *might* go for some diapers. But probably not, given that everyone I know printed off that $3 huggies coupon for me. KMart near me is awful – it’s dirty, over priced, and the staff don’t know their heads from a hole in the ground when it comes to corporate policy. Last double coupons, I showed up with my stack, and when things didn’t double, the cashier was flummoxed – she didnt’ know that there was a doubles promo going on!

    Honestly, I get enough good deals at Pick N Save and Walmart. Plus, Menards has had cleaners on sale, so paired with a coupon, I’ve gotten deals just fine without Kmart. And forget Target – they’re AWFUL as well. Blech.

  • Kelly K

    Kmart is only two minutes down the road, so I may stop in a few times, but I dont seem to have to many good coupons this time around, and the last doubles they did, my store raised all the prices so nothing was a good deal really. And only one of the same coupon sucks, but people take advantage around here, seen someone in action at Giant Eagle the other day and just wanted to scream. Target already changed, and if people continue to go to extremes I dont think we will get any great deals soon.

  • Julie

    My husband passes a Kmart on his way home from work, so we’re thinking of trying it a time or two. We’ll see. We rarely shop at Kmart, so we’re not familiar with them, and the few times we’ve been there, I haven’t been terribly impressed (we did once get a smokin deal on a Martha Stewart comforter there, though). Since my husband will do the shopping, I’m going to try to make it as simple as possible and not make him do two different transactions with two different rewards cards. But we’ll see how it goes.

    Definitely with all the fraud lately and the people going nuts over “free” stuff, we’re going to start seeing more limits like this. Maybe it’s lame that they limit you to 5 coupons, but they’re really not in business to provide us with free loot. Businesses that routinely offer really good deals (in my area, Target is definitely one of them–we have a really coupon-friendly Target, I think) are seeing an increase in people clearing out shelves and trying to do illegitimate and fraudulent things with coupons and being extremely rude and nasty with their employees when they don’t get “their” free stuff. I think in the long run the way to improve this situation is not to sign up every member of your family under a different phone number so that you can get more but to play by their rules. The more people try to skirt the rules, the tighter companies make the rules. Today, my Albertson’s wouldn’t accept Internet coupons that don’t have a dot-scan barcode (like the bricks/coupons.com coupons do). But Smart Source and e-centives don’t use dot-scans, so those coupons are just out now, at least at Albertson’s. There’s just been too many people using coupons badly. If we could all scale back and play by the rules, then maybe it would start to improve again. Otherwise, in order to maintain profitability, companies will continue to tighten up the rules.

    • Heather

      Well said. I couldn’t agree more.

    • I agree. Thanks Julie!

  • Jessie

    I heard they will only double up to 2 dollars…anyone know if this is right?

    • Dani

      I would also like to know this?!!

      • Jenn

        Yes, so UP TO means no $2 coupons… according to my local store (Grand Junction, CO)

  • LindseyRochele

    The 5 Kmart’s in the Baltimore area aren’t participating in doubles. So sad! 🙁 Hope you guys get some great deals!

  • Tina Barnaby

    I am a snuggle lover!

  • Amy

    I have had ZERO luck with the Kmart doubles in the past and since it’s almost 30 min away and we only get to that town on Sundays (Easter)…don’t think I’ll be doin’ it. Good luck to all!

  • Melissa

    There is SOOOOO MUCH confusion over all of this, that I suspect it will be end up being a bust. But I plan to try because the store is about 5 minutes from my home.

    Various bloggers have been talking about “the rules” and the list of participating stores, for about 2 weeks now. However, your post was the first time I’ve heard this: “Customers may not double more than one of the same coupon.” This is just ONE MORE “rule” in a list of rules that makes me almost not want to bother. I know there were some folks hoping to use 5 Huggies coupons (for example) who won’t be able to with this new rule (that was not on the list of rules received from corporate a week ago, but has now apparently been added).

    Like others, I am concerned about the wording “…up to $2” — I wonder if they will only raise a $1.50 coupon to a max of $2.00? Or whether that means they’ll double $2 to $4? Also…corporate’s previous e-mail said they would double “up to $2 REGARDLESS OF ITEM COST” which implied that a $1 coupon on a $1.25 would be doubled to $2 resulting in $.75 overage. Again…confusing, so I can’t be sure. I imagine “blog world” will be going crazy on Day One of this event, as people report problems from across the country.

  • Heather R

    Kmart is 40 mins from our house and most of the people who work there don’t know what is going on on their weekly sales much less a big sale like this. Not worth the gas for us to go but good luck to those of you brave enough to try.

  • Christina

    Kmart is close to me I will try but I think like with the last coupon that was only meant for 2 states the buy 20 save 10 garbage something more like that will happen. Maybe they learned there lesson with that one. When I called corporate to suggest hello put the “This coupon is only good in this state on it” would have been a good marketing decision as in this day and age Blogs and Coupons are like wild fire they spread quickly. But they don’t think ahead so I am sure there will be issues with this as well. They sent me a $20 gift card though (well when I get it)

  • Christina

    One more thing I emailed Kmart for specification and I got this answer. NOT a clear one. I did ask for clarification on Number 1 we will see what they say.
    Thank you for your recent correspondence. We are always interested in
    hearing from our customers. We appreciate your interest in our double
    coupon event. This event is for select participating Kmart locations
    from 04/04/10 to 04/10/10.

    The rules for this event are:
    1. Manufacturer Coupons up to and including $2 Value ? Doubled up to $2
    no matter what the retail price of a single item is.
    2. Offer dates: 04/04-04/10
    3. In-store Activation MUST BE tied to Shop Your Way to Rewards
    card-offer is only good when the Shop Your Way to Rewards card is swiped
    4. Does not include Kmart Store Coupons
    5. Does not include Kmart Pharmacy Store Coupons
    6. Limit 5 total coupons per customer per day.
    7. Store Operations: First 5 coupons provided by customer will be

  • savermac

    Does anyone know if they will double internet coupons? Or are they only going to double cpns fron the newspaper?

  • Melissa

    They treat internet coupons the same as ad coupons, so yes, they should honor them. But it’s Kmart, so one can never tell when they will change the rules…

  • Rei

    Do you know if we can get overage from the double coupons or will the item just be free? Since the right guard is $2.50 & the printable coupon will double to $3, I’m wondering if I need a 50 cent filler??

    • Rei,
      No overage from doubled coupon. The item will be free.


  • Jenn

    According to my local K-Mart store (Grand Junction, CO) coupons have to be under $2 to be doubled, so $1.99 is the highest price coupon you can use. An associate told me that $2 coupons WILL NOT be doubled…. guess we’ll see what happens.

  • Jenn


    Where did the graphic come from that heads this posting because it suggests that $2 coupons are included, however, I was told that the coupon could only be up to $1.99.??

  • Melissa

    This doesn’t match what I (and others) got from corporate via e-mail. It said:

    “Manufacturer coupons up to AND INCLUDING $2 VALUE ARE DOUBLED UP TO $2 no matter wht the retail price of a single item is.”

    I guess we can wait and see what happens tomorrow. I’m sure their print ad will have the info also — so you can check BEFORE going to the store (it’s not online yet), selecting items, and getting to the registers.

    I think I’ll take the corporate e-mail with me, just in case…

    Gosh, WHY do I think this is going to be a disaster???


  • Melissa

    That graphic is from the ad! It was in the e-mail I received a few days ago saying that “double coupons are coming…” You should see it in the print ad tomorrow (and the online version, after midnight).


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  • Susan

    I just finished my trip to Kmart today. I had trouble finding things to use the coupons on because many of the items I was aware of them being cheaper elsewhere.

    My Kmart (Brownsburg, IN) was aware of the double coupons. Make sure you give your Kmart card first before scanning the items.

    I had a $3 coupon and they didn’t double it but gave me an extra $1 off, which was nice (so they’ll give you up to the $4). I used three $2 coupons and one $1 in addition to my $3. But one of the items I purchased was part of a buy one, get one 1/2 off sale, and they didnt’ seem to give me the extra 1/2 off in addition to the coupons. So just watch the receipt and make sure they do it right.

    I was pleasantly surprised after reading this post that you can go back and use more coupons each day! Also nice that you can register more than one phone number.

  • Tara

    I am confused about the “like” coupons. I used 3 of the same Pampers q’s yesterday and my DH did as well on his card. Maybe it’s up to the cashier, not the computer system?!

    I am SO FRUSTRATED with Kmart though. They have been out of size 3 Huggies and Pampers for TWO WEEKS now. (I’ve been using the 10/20 q there!) The employees have no idea when they will come back in stock, and they said there’s nothing they can do about it…..

    • Hi Tara,

      Yes, it seems that “rule” is not being enforced, luckily for us.



    I was leary of even bothering with this K-Mart situation. GLAD I DID !!!!!
    My husband and I went today. They gave us the cards with very little paperwork.
    I was able to use 5 coupons up to and including $2.00 Also was NO PROBLEM making multiple purchases. Actualy we did 10 in one day between both of us. The cashier knew we were together NO ISSUE!! The head cashier at the desk even checked us out as lines got long <3< people LOL Point is even she took multiple purchases!!! I loved the situation and am home to look for more deals. Scrubbing bubbles the best rolling deal.
    5 bubbles @ 3.29 each is $16.00 I had 75cent coupons. so minus $7.50 total at this point is 8.50 but not yet LOL there is a $5 coupon that will come out the catalina…..so now $3.50 for 5 scrubbing bubbles. Almost buy 1 get 4 free !!!!! First time at K-Mart and it was a pleasant experience for us. Best of luck all .

  • Priscilla

    I’ve been to K-Mart for the last 2 days and have gotten some really good bargains. My first day I got All detergent, Right Guard deo, Gillette body wash, Pantene shampoo and Soft Scrub for Kitchen. Total for all items – 35 cents + tax. The 2nd day I got All detergent, Tampax, Revlon emery boards (BOGO 1/2 off), Endust and Cascade. Total for all $2.12 + tax (they only took off $1.49 for the emery boards. I was expecting them to take off $2.00). Wasn’t too satisfied with 2nd day totals but they would have cost me $18.61 + tax regularly. Not so bad.

  • Me and my DH both got separate Rewards cards. We got SIX!!!! Jumbo packs of Pampers, 2 Dove deodorants, one tube of wet ones, and a container of Huggies Wipes for 11.98. That’s including tax! I’m loving Kmart Doubles!!!!