WI Readers: Copps/Pick N Save Double Coupon Alert!

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A couple of readers left a comment about this and thought it was such great news I needed to share.  Copps/Pick NSave/Rainbow Foods for one day only (12/23) will be doubling 10 coupons per $25 order!  Is this a Christmas present from Roundy’s?  If so, I will take it!  I don’t know what deals will be had but start getting some coupons together just in case.  I will make sure to have the coupon match ups ready earlier to give plenty time to get prepared.  Also, it seems the cereal deal will go through all the way through 12/26.  I plan on doing another round of it.

Will you be taking some time off your Christmas preparations on Wednesday to hit this double coupon event?

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  • Kara

    I just hope the ad is a good one for match ups that equal free!

  • Deb H.

    I am hoping for great deals and that my hubby will hold off going to Michigan until I can do some PnS shopping! Not sure how well that is going to go over! :/

  • Sarah C

    I’ll be doubling, for sure! Thanks so much for the alert!

  • rachel

    THANK YOU for the heads up. I’ll be going.

  • sun

    Yes, I am very excited. Now, I can just check out in one order!

  • Kathryn

    I am so excited!

  • Tammy

    Thank You :~D I also hope that there are great deals going so to get some free or almost free items.. Gotta love the free ones :~)

  • Tricia

    Thanks for the heads up. Can’t wait to save big!

  • My mom heard this same thing from a cashier last Wednesday. I definitely plan on making the most of it!

  • ingrid

    so is this a regional thing? i am in SE WI and heard nothing of this, but i am almost peeved off enough from my experience with a manager last week to never step foot in that store again.

    almost. heheh

    also, up until last week my ads were about a week after yours…but last week yours matched up with mine…anyone else following this wonderful blog from the SE having this experience or am i just going crazy?

    thanks again mercedes!

    • Hey Ingrid,

      That happens around Holidays. Pick N Save puts everyone on the same ad schedule. i don’t know why they don’t keep it that way though. but I imagien after new years, you guys will be back to being a week behind.


  • Jennifer

    Oh yeah!! I was already planning to shop next Wednesday for double coupon day and this just makes it sweeter. I was at Copps on Friday and had several things I was going to buy with coupons and I realized they were on sale until 12/26 so I could wait until this next Wednesday to pick them up on double coupon day!!! Yay! Problem was I had at least 6 coupons I wanted to use so this is terrific news! I plan on buying 2 no yolk egg noodles, 2 oscar meyer bacon and 2 farmland ham cubes. I also have another Marcel paper goods (last week I doubled this to get a pack of 250 napkins for $0.35. Plus I have a $1/1 Reynolds cooking bags coupon that I intend to use to get a cheap box of cooking bags.

  • Tricia

    Ingrid, I’m in the Madison, WI area and saw a sign in my local Copps today advertising the 10 double coupons on Dec. 23 only. It stated it was a special holiday gift to customers. The $25 minimum applies, but 10 coupons will be doubled.

  • Stephanie

    I live in SE Wisconsin. I saw a sign posted at Pick n’ Save today which states that indeed we will be able to double up to 10 coupons on 12/23. I am so happy, I will only have to do 2 transactions this week!

  • Richelle

    I am mad, tho. Hopefully that even tho the fine print states no doubling coupons that say do not double that they will. They usually do, but it also doesn’t usually say this in the fine print. Hmm. All of my Cheerios coupons are do not double ones of course. Grr.