Winner Annoucements: Old Spice Coupons

Here are the winners of the Old Spice coupons.  I have emailed all winners, if you think you won but don’t see my email please check your spam folder.  Thanks everyone for entering this giveaway.

Winners giveaway #1

Comment: Helen says good deal for my hubby.. hope will get one through.. thx 🙂

Comment: Meichelle says I would love to win! Thank you!

Comment: Sarah says This is the only body wash that doesn’t give my husband a rash. Would love to win!

Comment: Ryne says Thanks for the chance to win! I love Old Spice! Enjoy the website, i check it everyday!

Comment: Jill says I’d love to win!

Winners Giveaway #2

Comment: Tina T says Would love to keep that man of mine clean clean clean & my son too! He could really use these, it is kind of hard to keep up a good supply of soap in the military. He could smell the best in his unit!

Comment: Gulnaz Parveen says I would luv some free body wash!

Comment: CMo says Love to win these! My husband won’t wear anything but Old Spice.

Comment: Candice says just popped on ur site today! and fell in love! i love coupons and saving money! its my third job! 😉

Comment: SANDY says I’d like to enter this contest please. Many I don’t just because I don’t use the product and would rather someone who does win that. Well this time I’m in ! LOL My father is an old time user of old spice, but a new user to the liquid soap era. Of course the elders just can’t justify the price. So good old dad will LOVE IT FOR FREE ! Thank you for this opportunity !

Update: The winner of the potluck of coupons is Janna H. I have emailed you Janna, please check your email.

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  • Linda

    Would absolutely love to have these! Thanks for the opportunity.

  • AnnMarie

    I would love coupons!

  • Tammy

    I’d love to win!

  • Alison

    Would love some more coupons, I have been “out of the game” for a bit but looking to get back in! Thanks!

  • Kristin

    I’d love to win these coupons!

  • Sue Bowling

    Mercedes, Happy to find another True Blood fan! As usual, you rock! A favor please, are Huggies still on any good sale at any of the national chains that u know of? I just put on my fb page about the coupons on for the folks back home in Maine and I’d like to tell them if there’s any great deals to go with the coupons and you are my go to woman!Thank you either way, are you an Eric or a Bill? I have to say I’m a bill, but the cemetary scene killed me, that’s why. My daughter bought me the latest book for Mother’s Day(I’d say my girl’s your age) and it’s great!Read them if you can find the time.bye for now, Sue.

  • Amy

    That is such a nice offer by a fellow subscriber. Good luck.

  • Angel

    This is very sweet. Good luck to all us and congrats to those who already won.

  • Kay

    That is very generous. I would love to win these as well!

  • ohh, this would be wonderful! Thank you!

  • Loye

    How nice! I’d love that! TIA

  • Samantha

    extra coupons would be nice, every little bit helps on a grad student budget!

  • Kathy

    I can always use more coupons……..

  • Michal David

    How nice…please count me in 🙂

  • julita

    I love coupons!

  • Ryne

    Thanks so much, id love to have a chance to get ahold of more coupons! Thanks again!!

  • Nicola

    What a generous reader you have. I would love to win.

    njfoley at sbcglobal dot net

  • Kurtis

    ohhh Pick me, pick me, pick meeee! I am a teacher and hear this all day long. SO PICK ME!!!

  • Amanda

    What a nice thing to do. I would love to win these. I have several people in my office now learning how to match sales and coupons, and share a lot of my coupons with them. They remind me of when I was first starting out, how exciting every great deal was!

  • I love any coupons I can get my hands on 🙂

  • Christy

    I would love the coupons!!!! Thanks!

  • Tina T

    Would love a pot luck chance to win also!
    You know, today I clipped a pile of coupons and some of them I know I will not use, what I have done in the past, if I know I am not going to use it, I usually will leave it on the shelf for the person who will use the coupon and item. What goes around comes around!
    We all need to save what we can in this economy!
    Good luck to all!

  • Jay R

    Congrats to the winners!! I would accept the potluck.. Any I dont use I donate to military families.

  • Karen

    I would love to win

  • a

    always love free coupons!

  • Jana Hennessy

    I’d be thrilled to win the potluck!

  • Rachel

    Nice offer, love to win.

  • Jen Bailey

    i would LOVE free coupons as well! i am a mother of 11 month old twins and a 2 year old, and am fairly new to coupon use. it is SO much fun!! hope i get the chance to win!

  • Sarah O

    Would love all the extra coupons I can get!!

  • John

    I’d love to win.

  • Renee

    Count me in, please.

  • Would love to win some coupons! My husband calls me the coupon queen 🙂

  • denise

    I would love to win as well.

    denise_22315 at yahoo dot com

  • Lindsay

    That’s so sweet of the generous reader! I’d be interested!!!

  • erika h.

    I would love to win these! Thanks!

  • Alan

    I’m interested. Wow, very generous. I use these products. Thanks for adding my name to the giveaway list.

  • Jackie

    I would love to win these!

  • Morgan

    What a wonderful gesture. Check the blog everyday!

  • Pick me pick me pick me!!! 🙂

  • Would love some coupons to build my supply back up!

  • Lindsey

    So generous! I would love to win as well! 😀

  • Sherri

    We dont get very many qs here would love to win.

  • Lori S

    I would love these. Thanks!

  • Allison M.

    ooh! Giveaways are so much fun–thanks so much for putting this together!

  • Blaire Ruch

    would love a potluck of coupons 🙂

  • Lynda M

    I would love to win the potluck of coupons. Thanks for offering them

  • I would love a chance! Thanks for all your posts Merecedes! YOU are missed here in Wisconsin!

  • Katie Miller

    I would love it!

  • Kari

    Thanks generous reader … YOU ROCK!

  • Sandy

    My husband won’t use any other brand except for Old Spice! Hope I’ll win this one.

  • Nikki

    I always love more coupons! Thanks generous reader for just making this possible!

  • Jen

    I would love to win more coupons. Coupons are like the lottery, only better… FREE MONEY!

  • michelle

    thanks for the chance

  • Katie

    Would love to win! I never seem to win anything though 🙂

  • Michelle

    I’m always ready for more coupons- enter me!

  • shirley g

    Coupons are wonderful!! What a nice person to make such an offer.

  • peanutkla

    I’d love these coupons! I bought 6 papers today, 2 different kinds, and don’t you know not ONE of them had the coupons!!!!

  • Paula

    Oh how nice. You can never have too many coupons 🙂

  • Marie

    I’m grateful for another chance to win!


  • Sue

    I’d love the coupons…I’m addicted to using them. Thanks

  • couponingqueen7

    A potluck! Sounds like tons fun and savings!


    I’m in for the pot luck ! Thanks again for the win !!!! Not sure if the pot luck was just for the other winners or a new offer. But Thank you !!

  • Helen

    hey thanks Mercedes to choose me winner for #1 giveaway. Potluck idea looks like a great fun. Hope you would run more often. It would be a real fun and excitement rather than simply coupons savings news. Something different than other coupon saving websites. Congrats for new concept and looking forward for more fun with savings 🙂