Winner Announcement: Wii Console and Game, Walmart and Sears Gift Cards


It’s Christmas, so I  thought it would be nice to go ahead and randomly select the winner of the Wii Gaming Console and Game.  So, who’s getting an extra present this year?:

Mary W. from Maryland!

Congratulations Mary!  Check your email and make sure to email me back within the required period of time.  I would hate to have to choose another winner.

Here are the winners of the other giveaways I held last week:


Sarah <jcseaxx01@>

Kris <vdilauxx@>


Heather <augustgirlxx@>

Cathy from Chief Family Officer

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  • Cynthia

    I wondered if Mary contacted you. If she didn’t, how long will it be for you to choose another winner? (I hope this is not too forward of me to ask.)