Winners Announcement: Greenworks, Brita, Yoplait Fun Pack

I have a lot of winners to announce today.  I had to select another winner for the Greeworks cleaning products bundle because I never heard back form the original one.  All winners I am announcing now have until 4/18 9PM CST to contact me with their mailing address so they can get their products.

Winner of Greenworks products : Ray Dudley <rjdudley55@XXXXXX.XXX>

Winner of Brita filter: Kristi <tkfenger1@XXXXXX.XXX>

Winners Yoplait Fun Packs:

Rachel <happyhudsonites@XXXXXX.XXX>

Michelle Rosborough <luckydolls123@XXXXXX.XXX>

Sharon <shronc@XXXXXX.XXX>

Congratulations to the winners and please stop by later as I have another green product to giveaway.

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  • michelle rosborough

    Thank You !!!!!

  • Ray Dudley

    WOOHOOOOOOO!!!!! Thanks Mercedes. I sent you my address already. Ray

  • Rachael

    I agree with Ray….WOOOHOO! =D Just sent you my address…..