Wisconsin: Grocery Stores that Double Coupons

Wisconsin readers I know a lot of you love double coupons at Pick N Save and are probably looking for other stores in the state that also double coupons. I recently asked members of the Wisconsin Couponers Group on Hotcouponworld, the scoop on what Sentry stores double coupons in their area.  Here’s the information they shared with me:

  • Elkhorn Sentry doubles coupons with a face value up to $0.50 everyday
  • Sentry Whitewater doubles coupons with a face value up to $0.50 everyday. Up to 3 like coupons. No doubling of internet coupons
  • Sentry on Cottage Grove Rd in Madison doubles coupons with a face value up to $0.49 coupons on Wednesdays
  • Lake Mills Sentry is doubling $1 coupons on Tuesdays in June. Coupons that state Do Not Double are not allowed.
  • In addition, Logli’s in Janesville doubles up to 55 cents every day, no limit.

If you live in others areas of the Wisconsin and know of other stores that double coupons, please share. I would like to add to this list.

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  • Beth

    Pick n Save and Copps in the Appleton area Double coupons every Wednesday.
    Pick n Save in West Bend doubles coupons the first Wednesday of the month.

    • Jeanne

      I shop frequently at Pick N Save in West Bend, WI. They now do double couponing Wed and Sat but you are limited to double 5 coupons and must make a $25. purchase besides.

  • CJ

    Sentry in Racine doing double coupons on Friday & Saturday up to 5 coupon with minimum purchase $20. Doubled Q’s must all be different, no identical Q’s.

  • alovegenie

    Sentry on 92nd and Lisbon in Milwaukee doubles with a face value up to $1.00 two like coupons every Thursday and Friday
    Sentry on 68th and Lisbon in Milwaukee does the same on Wednesdays and Thursdays

  • Melissa

    Sentry in Sun Prairie is doubling coupons on Tuesdays for the month of June only, up to $1, only two like coupons allowed. No minimum purchase, and IP allowed. As many coupons as you want!

  • Betty

    Metcalf’s Hilldale Sentry DID double up to .50c every Wednesday. This past winter they doubled up to $1 on Wed and Sat till around the beginning of March. Right now they don’t double at all, but I would keep an eye out for a future program. The only stipulation was up to 3 like items per order.

  • rachel

    Pick ‘n Save on McKee road in Fitchburg WI doubles coupons up to $1.00 every Wednesday. 5 coupons per transaction.

  • Mary

    Can you do this for other states? I’d like to see if there are any West Michigan stores that double – we don’t have Kroger or Farmer Jack on this side of the state and I don’t know if anyone around here does or not. That would be very helpful!

  • Anne

    Thank you for doing this!! Too bad more stores don’t double!

  • Julie

    I am so excited, I didn’t know the sentry on 92 and Lisbon in Milwaukee doubled. I called and verified it too. Looks like I will be heading to Pick n Save on Wednesday’s and Sentry on Thursday’s or Friday’s. SWEET!

  • alovegenie

    Hi Julie,
    A fellow couponer in my area?! Glad I could turn you on to the Sentry on 92nd and Lisbon. Lately Pick N Save deals have been better, but its really nice at Sentry to not be limited by the 5 coupons total like PNS.

  • Julie

    I agree, the sales aren’t as good at Pick N Save, but I hate all the restrictions that Pick N Save has. Thanks for the info alovegenie.

  • justine

    im from racine and the only store i know is picking save and they only allow up t 10 manufacture coupon they days are wendsday and sunday

  • Jon

    Hi Mercedes,

    Since this post is a couple of years old, I wanted to give you an update on the coupon policies for the stores in Milwaukee that double coupons.

    We have a complete list here:


  • Debbie

    I live north of Green Bay, but do all of my grocery shopping there. Copps in Green Bay doubles manufacturer coupons every Wednesday. The first five up to $1.00. Be sure to hand the cashier your biggest ones FIRST, because it is done automatically and the register only doubles the first five. I also do more than one transaction when I go.

  • Cory

    What’s the rules at Twin Lakes sentry??

    • Mercedes Levy

      The best thing you can do is to ask a manager at that particular store. They’ll be able to tell you exactly what their coupon policy is.

  • Tara

    Hi! I am wondering if any stores in the Eau Claire/Chippewa Falls area (North Western Wisconsin). Thanks for any help!