You Can Help Donate $12,500 to Fight Pediatric Cancer for FREE

My favorite thing about the Holidays is giving.  I love the giving spirit every one gets into and how we are all looking for ways to make others happier with our gifts.  I love that the Holidays are also a way to give back in thanks for all of the blessings that we receive DAILY.

Today I want to share with you this simple (and FREE) way you can help support Journey 4 a Cure.  This non-profit organization is focused on helping families affected by pediatric cancer and raising money to help fund childhood cancer research.  I can’t even say pediatric cancer without feeling all choked up.

YOU can help raise $12,500 in funds towards this organization by just liking the following companies on Facebook.  They have agreed to donate $1 for every new liker they get through 12/12.  Please!  I beg you to find it in you to click on the links below and like these companies on Facebook to help raise the funds for such a worthy cause.

  • Cheep: Cheep helps you find the best deals by showing you accurate price comparisons from around the web in real-time as you shop online. Perfect for holiday shopping.
  • CoupSmart: This iPhone app lets you scan products you buy every week and then sends you coupons by mail for products you actually buy and use. Apps for Android and Blackberry are coming soon.
  • Extrabux: Extrabux helps you find the best prices online, shares coupon codes and gives you cash-back all at once. A must for any online shopper, especially on Cyber Monday.
  • Valpak: Valpak has been mailing out blue envelopes full of local coupons for years, but you can also head online to and enter your zip code to get printable coupons.
  • Valpak Deals: Valpak Deals offers great daily deals in local areas, including Las Vegas, Omaha and Long Island. They’ve got national deals too, like a $115 portrait package at Sears Portrait Studio for only $20.

Special thanks to my friend Erin from Coupon Cravings who has worked so hard to make this campaign come to fruition.

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  • Sadie

    Thank you so much for sharing this! My daughter was diag. with cancer at 13 months old. It is really a life-changing journey, and many parents have to watch their child suffer immensely, and eventually pass away. After a long journey of much pain and suffering from my daughter, she is now 17 months off treatment, and doing great. I only wish that all kids had such a happy ending. Our kids deserve to be able to live normally, and become happy, healthy adults, but childhood cancer is majorly lacking funding and awareness, so this is one small step forward. Thank you again!

  • Diane B

    Done! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Thank you for sharing this. My 8 year old son is currrently on treatment for a high risk type of Leukemia. There has only been decent progress in improving the chances of cure for a very few types of childhood cancers and even of those children who are cured, over 2/3 face life long and often severe side effects as a result of their treatments. Research is the key to more effective and less damaging treatments for children with cancer. Childhood cancer research is grossly underfunded and this is just a wonderful and easy way to help our kids. Thank you once again for sharing this, helping raise money and awareness for pediatric cancers. Please also just know how much I appreciate the time and work you put into this website. It has been a tremendous help to our family.

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