10 Pairs of Men or Women’s Sunglasses for $15.98

Tired of your kids (or maybe yourself) breaking your expensive sunglasses?  Then maybe this deal is for you.  Graveyard Mall is offering today 10 pairs of either men or women’s sunglasses for $9.99 plus $5.99 shipping.  You do NOT know exactly what kind of sunglasses you get.  But I have read from many people that have gotten this deal that it is worth it.

I have been waiting on this deal for months!  Keri Lyn over at She Saved has been telling me about these sunglasses for quite sometime.  I just ordered some of the men’s glasses for my husband since my kids keep wrecking his sunglasses.    If you have already bought these sunglasses, make sure to let me know how you liked them (or not).