100 oz Tide for $7.01 Shipped After Target Gift Card!

tide at target

Okay, so I’m going to tell you loyal Tide customers how to snag a nice deal on some detergent at Target. Right now, there are a few different promos that you can combine to get two 100 oz Tide detergents for only $7.01 each!

Here’s the deal…

  1. Clip the $0.50 coupon on the product page of the Tide 100 oz detergent(s) that you want.
  2. Up the quantity to (2).
  3. Check the subscription box for 5% off and choose a subscription duration.
  4. Proceed to checkout and enter the promo code ESSENTIALS for 20% off select health, beauty, home and pet items.
  5. A free $5 gift card will be added to your order, dropping your final cost to only $14.02, or $7.01 per 100 oz jug!

You can also save an additional 5% when you use your Target REDcard to check out! If you don’t want to continue receiving your subscription, you can always go into your Target account after your order arrives and cancel it.

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