11 Different Ways You Can Use Vinegar

VinegarVinegar is an absolutely amazing thing. It comes in very handy in the kitchen, but it also comes in fairly handy for other reasons, as well. You probably didn’t know that vinegar can be used as a natural health remedy and it can also be used to clean things are your home. There are so many different uses for vinegar that it can be hard to list them all. Vinegar is an all-around great product and it can also help you save some cash if you know how to take full advantage of all of the purposes it can serve. Let’s look over some different ways you can use vinegar around your home.

#1. Use Vinegar to Clean Mirrors

You can cross Windex off of your shopping list, because you can use vinegar to clean all of the mirrors in your home just as easily. Put some white vinegar on the mirrors you’d like to clean and then simply wipe it away with a tissue.

#2. Use Vinegar to Clean Your Sinks

Mix some white vinegar with baking soda and you’ll have a paste that you can use to clean your sinks with.

#3. Use Vinegar to Clean Your Countertops

Just like the tip above, you can create some paste by mixing white vinegar with baking soda and use the mixture to clean your countertops.

#4. Need to Unlcog a Drain?

If you have a clogged drain in your home, you can heat up some white vinegar in a pot and then pour 2-3 teaspoons of baking soda down the drain followed by the hot vinegar. It will unclog the drain.

#5. Clean Your Windows

Remember above when I mentioned you could clean your mirrors with vinegar? You can do the same with your windows. Just wipe them down with a gentle cloth.

#6. Do Your Towels Smell Like Mildew?

Add a 1/2 cup of vinegar to your next wash cycle with towels and it will clear that smell right up.

#7. Clean Your Toilet With Vinegar

Add a couple of cups to your toilet water and let it sit in there for a couple of hours without flushing. It will disinfect your toilet and also get off all of the muck in your toilet. Simply flush and you’ll have a freshly cleaned toilet.

#8. Have a Stink Garbage Disposal?

You can put some hot vinegar down your garbage disposal and it will make the smell go away.

#9. Clean Your Fridge

Want to clean out your refrigerator and get it looking brand new again? Concoct a 50/50 mixture of vinegar with warm water and wipe out the inside of your refrigerator and it will be sparkling clean.

#10. Have a Fruit Fly Problem?

You can set out a bowel of vinegar and you will drive off the fruit flies.

#11. Need a Clean Bathtub?

Get some white vinegar and scrub down your bathtub with it. It will get rid of all of the soap scum and grime.