11 Ways You Never Knew You Could Use Tennis Balls!

Here at Common Sense With Money, we like to get as much use out of things as we can. Sometimes reusing or upcycling products helps save us a little cash or time. Other times, it’s just plain cool what you can do with some things and reusing them helps reduce waste that can impact the environment!

Like tennis balls! Did you know that there are tons of different ways to use tennis balls? If you’re a tennis player, chances are you have quite a few old tennis balls laying around, since these bouncy little yellow balls have such a short lifespan. Instead of letting them pile up or tossing them in the trash, try these unique and handy ways to use tennis balls…

  1. Cut an X in them and slip them over chair legs. This will help eliminate the annoying squeaking sound when pulling the chair out and prevent scuffs and scratched on your wood floors!
  2. Use tennis balls to stash valuables. Just cut a small slit in them and stuff them with cash, jewelry, or other valuables. Thieves will rarely think to go after an old tennis ball, especially it it’s stuffed into your gym back next to your dirty socks!
  3. Store small items, like screws, nuts, bolts, and washers. This is an ingenious way to use tennis balls in a garage or shop!
  4. Use tennis balls to make some crazy fun pet toys! Just cut a small slit in the tennis ball and hide treats or catnip in the ball. This will provide hours of cheap entertainment for your furry friends!
  5. Making a key or mail holder is another great way to use tennis balls. Cut slits in them and fasten them to the wall next to your door. Then just pop your key holder or mail into the slit.
  6. You can use tennis balls to get a better night’s rest too! If your partner snores, sew a few tennis balls into the back of their pajama top. Rolling onto their back, which is usually the position most people snore in, will be too uncomfortable with tennis balls in their pajamas.
  7. Park your car with the help of a tennis ball. Suspend a tennis ball on a string from the ceiling of your garage so it just touches the windshield of your car when you’re in the perfect parking spot. Now, every time you pull into your garage, just pull up enough for the tennis ball to touch your windshield. Perfect parking every time!
  8. Massage sore muscles. Roll some tennis balls under your feet while watching television, or stuff a sock with a few tennis balls for a relaxing back massage.
  9. Remove scuff marks quickly and easily with a tennis ball. Cut an X in it and stick it on the end of a broom handle. Flip the broom around and you can use tennis balls to rub away ugly scuff marks and keep your floors looking beautiful!
  10. Use tennis balls in your clothes drier. Just toss a couple used tennis balls in with a load of laundry, and they should help the clothes dry faster and come out fluffier. Combine them with foil balls to nix static electricity too!
  11. Finally, you can use tennis balls to help you find your car in a crowded parking lot. Just poke a little hole in it and slip it over the antennae of your car. Then, keep an eye out for the bright yellow tennis ball when you’re done shopping!

Have any other ingenious ways to use tennis balls? Be sure to leave them in the comments below!