12 Easy Ways You Can Save Money

save moneyThere are many ways every single day you can save cash. Below, you’ll find some really simple ways to save money.

#1. Don’t Buy School Lunches

A lot of people probably won’t agree with this and argue that school lunches only cost around $1.35 – $1.50 a day, but you can save money here and provide your children with healthier options than school lunches. Pack your kids a lunch for the day and hand it to them before they hop on the school bus. It takes a little bit more time in the mornings to do this, but it will save you some cash.

#2. Wear Hand-Me-Downs

There’s nothing wrong with hand-me-downs. Kids grow quickly, so they’re constantly in need of new clothing. In other words, lots of parents are simply throwing their children’s undersized clothes away, which is very wasteful. Instead of throwing your child’s clothes away, you should consider giving them to another parent and also accept hand-me-downs from other parents, as well.

#3. Create Your Own Garden

Creating your own garden takes a good bit of time, but it can save you a lot of cash and also gives you something to do. It’s way cheaper to grow your own fruits, vegetables and herbs than it is to purchase them at the grocery store, so keep that in mind.

#4. Freeze Leftovers

It’s wasteful to toss out extra food after breakfast, lunches and dinner. Simply store the extra food in containers or wrap it up and toss it in the freezer. You can enjoy those left overs another day and the food and savings will certainly add up over time.

#5. Buy in Bulk

You can save some serious cash by buying items in bulk. Chances are, you’ll have to purchase a membership at a store like Sam’s Club, but the savings can certainly be worth it.

#6. Stop Eating Fast Food

Nothing will go through your budget quicker than eating fast food, because it’s quick, easy and addicting. Instead of indulging in fast food, you should pack food and beverages to take with you. This is especially true when you’re going to spend extended periods of time in your vehicle.

#7. Wash Clothes With Cold Water

Unless you’re washing towels or sheets, you can wash your clothes in cold water to save money.

#8. Have Breakfast Ready Early

That way no one has to skip out on homemade breakfast and pick something up at a fast food restaurant.

#9. Make Homemade Gifts

When Christmas time comes around, you can make gifts for people rather than picking up something from a mall. You will save money and the gift will also be more personable.

#10. Drink Water

Drinking water is one of the cheapest and healthiest things you can do. That way, you’re not spending money on sugary sodas or sports drinks.

#11. Sewing is Your Friend

A lot of people throw clothes away when they’ve been ripped or when something as simple as a button pops off. These issues can be easily resolved in a cheap manner if you know how to sew.

#12. Be Your own Repair Man

When something goes wrong, you can probably find instructions on the Internet on how to solve your problem. It may take some effort, but it’s much cheaper than hiring a repair man.