13 Uses for Baby Wipes That Have Nothing to Do With Butts!

Uses for Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are an amazing invention in my humble opinion! My kids may be well out of the diaper stage, but I learned to appreciate the usefulness of these damp puffy wonders very quickly, as most moms do.

My kids may not need diapers anymore, but baby wipes are a must-have in my stockpile. Over the years, I’ve discovered so many uses for baby wipes that not having them on hand throw me into a mini-tizzy.

My favorite uses for baby wipes these days don’t have anything to do with baby butts, but they’re just as handy!

1. Removing Makeup

I no longer need pricey makeup remover wipes if I have some baby wipes on hand. They’ll easily remove even the toughest makeup and they’re gentle on your skin. After all, they’re made for baby bottoms!

2. Wipe Sinks and Faucets

Need to whip your bathroom into shape quickly? Grab a baby wipe or two and give your sink and faucet a quick wipe down. You can also use these in the kitchen to clean up minor messes.

3. Clean Car Interiors

I thought hubby was going to have a little heart attack when I used a baby wipe to quickly nix the dust on the Jeep dash, but it works! Now I’m not the only one who uses them. We keep baby wipes in the Jeep for messy hands and the messy dash.

4. Clean Houseplants

Every once in a while, my poor houseplants get dusty and dirty. Baby wipes can quickly wisk away the dust and make them all pretty again!

5. Dust Furniture

If you don’t want to drag out the furniture polish and rags, just grab a couple baby wipes. You can do a quick clean on your tables and other furniture. Baby wipes are also great for dusting between chair spokes and stair rails.

6. Camping Hand Wipes

Summer camping trips just don’t happen if I don’t have lots of baby wipes on hand. They’re perfect for cleaning your hands when you’re away from soap and running water, and they can also be used to clean other items, such as silverware and dishes.

7. Remove Stains

Bleach and stain remover pens are nice, but chances are baby wipes can take care of stains just as well. Wipes already have mild soaps in them, which are perfect for removing all sorts of stains from deodorant to makeup to grass.

8. Shine Shoes

Once all of the mud is scraped off of my field boots in the spring, out come the baby wipes. It might take a few when my boots are really dirty, but they still do a great job! I also use baby wipes to clean my girly knee high boots and sneakers.

9. Clean Touchscreens and Keyboards

You’ll want to let a baby wipe dry out a bit before you start attacking your electronic devices with it, but they do work well. Baby wipes are also pretty handy for cleaning your computer keyboard when it gets dusty and gunky.

10. Wipe Away Dry Erase and Chalk Boards

My main “dry erase board” is my refrigerator, and baby wipes work well for cleaning old dry erase notes on there and the various smaller dry erase boards around my house. My mama also uses baby wipes to keep the large chalkboard in her kitchen clean.

11. Nail Polish Removers

Never throw out dried out baby wipes! If you don’t rehydrate them with a little water, they’re amazing for removing nail polish with a little nail polish remover.

12. Fight Frizz and Flyaways

Frizzy flyaway hair got you down? ust pull out a baby wipe and run it over your hair. the slight moisture will help weigh down your locks a bit and tame those flyaways.

13. Remove Dust and Loose Hair From Pets

No one in my home is safe from baby wipes, and that includes my fat little furball cat. She gets periodic baby wipe “baths” to remove loose hair and any dust she may have missed during her grooming. She’s not fond of lots of brushing, nor does she care much for baths. Baby wipes are mild enough not to irritate her, and they’re much less terrifying than baths!

Everyone loves baby wipes! What are your favorite uses for baby wipes?