6 Hrs in the ER and 12 Stitches Later this is What We Have to Show

20120223-174930.jpgWell, here is my middle son (4yrs old) not looking exactly thrilled about his hand.  I guess getting 12 stitches is not something to boast about for someone his age.  Long story short, I was called to the ER after my son cut his finger in an accident at his preschool.  Twelve stitches is what he needed to get everything back to the way it was.  And of course the visit to the ER could not be avoided.  Thank goodness for insurance even though we do have one with a big deductible, so we will be paying for a lot of this ourselves, sigh…

Gosh, I pray this is as eventful as it gets for us and our three kids and visits to the ER. We shall be so lucky!

OK, I am off to catch up and see what I have missed and can still share with you 🙂