20 Clever Ways to Save Water


Whether you are trying to save the planet or just save on your water bill, there are plenty of reasons to work toward cutting back on the amount of water that you use at home.  It’s not just inside the home though, you also need to think about the other ways in which you use water in order to cut down on the total amount used.   If you happen to live in a drought state, you may actually have rules placed on you in regards to saving water so it’s always good to have an idea of how to do it.

Here are 20 clever ways to save water both inside of your home and outside:

Inside your home:

  1. Never run your dishwasher unless it is fully loaded.
  2. Install new faucets, showerheads and toilets.  Newer models have water saving features.
  3. Cut down your shower time.
  4. Do not let the water run while you brush your teeth.
  5. Shave while you are already in the shower.
  6. Inspect all of your household pipes and faucets for leaks.
  7. Similar to your dishwasher, only run your washer when it is fully loaded.
  8. “If it’s yellow, let it mellow” is a popular saying for your bathroom habits.
  9. Only flush septic approved toilet paper.  Other foreign items require more water to flush.
  10. Fill a large pot with water to rinse your dishes when washing them.

Outside of Your Home

  1. Water your lawn in the early morning hours before it gets too hot.
  2. Avoid watering the lawn on rainy days.
  3. Attach shut off nozzles to all hoses.
  4. Keep your grass mowed, but longer.  The longer you keep it, the less evaporation.
  5. Cover your pool and or hot tub to prevent evaporation.
  6. Be sure that your sprinklers are watering only your lawn and not the street or sidewalk.
  7. Plant drought tolerant plants throughout your yard
  8. Consider drip irrigation instead of sprinklers.
  9. When cleaning your driveway or sidewalks use a broom instead of hose
  10. Use mulch in your landscaping.  It fights weeds and reduces evaporation.

What tricks do you use to save water in your house and yard.  Have these tricks made a difference?  


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