20 Fun Indoor Winter Activities for the Kids

It’s  that time of year when it’s too cold to comfortably play outside. My kids tend to gravitate towards screens when they are getting “bored” and they say there is nothing to do. I’ve decided I need to make a list of things that the kids can do inside the house. There really is a lot for them to do, but they need options.  So here are 20 fun things to do inside this winter!

  1. Create a treasure hunt around the house.
  2. Bake something new
  3. Create a new playlist with everyone’s favorite songs and have a dance party
  4. Attempt a science experiment and learn something new
  5. Tie Dye party- here are some instructions on how to tie dye.
  6. Board games or card games
  7. Play doh – everyone create a scene and share it with everyone else
  8. Make salt dough ornaments for Christmas this year
  9. Create a time capsule – have each person find something that represents 2020 to them and write down their thoughts on 2020.
  10. Built a pillow and blanket fort
  11. Draw portraits of each other
  12. Cosmic Kids Yoga
  13. Build an obstacle course around the house- you could even play hot lava with it
  14. Color in coloring books and turn on some classical music
  15. Make a thankful jar
  16. Play hide and seek or sardines
  17. Put on a play with costumes and accessories
  18.  Have an indoor picnic
  19. Face time grandparents or cousins that live far away
  20. Pictionary- either on paper or you can do it with LEGOs- be creative!