24 Adorable Valentine’s Day Exchange Cards for $2.49

I wanted to shared this great idea for homemade cards left by Amber in the comments section.  The instructions for making these valentine photo cards are on the blog 24-7-365.  But they are as simple of taking the pic of your child with their fist outstretched in front of them.  Then you can add the text that says “Happy Valentines” or whatever message you want to add using Seehere’s photo editing tools.  Once you have the photo, follow these steps to get 24 of them for just $2.49 shipped:

  • Login or sign up to your Seehere account
  • Create 24 Photo Cards (4×8 size)
  • Head to checkout and use code 25cards at checkout to get them for free
  • Pay shipping of $2.49

I think these would make some very sweet Valentine’s Day Exchange cards for the kids. I have a big bag of  Yummy Earth Organic Lollipops that would be the perfect thing to add to these.  Now I just have to get my son to flash me a nice smile.  Thanks Amber for the idea!

Photo Credit: 24-7-357.