$25 Target GC + $50 Restaurant.com GC for $22.50

Right now on Plum District you can get a $25 Target GC + $50 Restaurant.com GC for $22.50.  This combo is on sale for $25.  But use the code fabulous to get 10% off.  Check your account to see if you have any credits available (new sign ups get a free $5 credit).  You can apply those credits to this deal and pay even less.

After you buy this offer make sure to redeem the voucher and claim your gift cards.  I did this deal with another daily deal a few weeks back and kept waiting for my cards.  It turns out I needed to do the last step to get them which was redeeming the voucher.  So, don’t make my mistake and wait in vain 🙂

Note: Plum District may disable the ability to use a promotional code and credits during the day (or maybe they won’t) so use those while you can.