3 Clever Ways to Find Pharmacy Coupons

There is absolutely no question that prescription medications are expensive and can be really difficult to manage and afford. Plus, with the drug costs increasing, things aren’t looking any easier.

You will be surprised to know that the total cost of healthcare in the US stands at $3 trillion per year. As per a statistical analysis by Fidelity Investments, it was discovered that couple that come in the age bracket of 65 may spend up to $250,000 per year on their prescription – what’s more, these are figures for unreimbursed prescription expenses.

Rising Prescription Prices

Prescription prices are skyrocketing every year. And the price hike has been taking a toll on people who depend on multiple prescriptions. A majority of people state that affording prescription medication along with over the counter drugs is becoming a harrowing ordeal.

As per a statistical analysis posted by the Kaiser Family Foundation in 2015 – it was revealed that approximately 24% of all people that received one or more prescriptions abruptly stopped taking them because of the ridiculous increase in price. Making ends meet on a monthly basis and taking care of a family along with buying expensive prescriptions has become nightmare for a lot of US citizens.

According to another research report that was posted by Consumer Reports, a third of people who are on prescription drugs stated that they have quite literally experience an increase in price that ranged from a few dollars to more than one hundred dollars for a single prescription medication!

These statistics are quite sobering and a lot of people are beginning to lose hope in the overall healthcare system. However, all hope is not lost, and you shouldn’t feel pessimistic about optimal healthcare as there are few effective and absolutely legal ways you can substantially slash your prescription costs.

Pharmacy Coupons! Here is How You Can Find Some

When it comes to affording expensive prescription drugs and having a bit of money to save, nothing can beat the benefits of pharmacy coupons or a free vyvanse coupon that help with copays. There are still plenty of people who have absolutely no idea that they can find a heck of deal online, via multiple sources. And that is primarily because primary care physicians and specialists usually don’t have any idea whether they are any coupon schemes going on or not.

In light of this, here are some clever ways you can find pharmacy coupons to afford costly prescriptions:

1. Ask Your Pharmacist

Individual pharmacists are affiliated with a wide network of pharmaceutical companies both big and small. Their business thrives on prescription medications, especially 30 and 90-day refills. A majority of pharmacies and drug stores invest a lot of money in direct mail marketing, coupons and flyers. They buy in bulk from popular pharmaceuticals and promote several brands on a frequent basis. Their affiliation with those drug stores is what gives you the opportunity to ask for pharmacy coupons.

In some cases, a 30 or 90-day refill may fetch you a discount up to 70%, which is amazing in the long-term. Plus, pharmacists are also aware of new brands and generic medications or new pharmacies that have set up shop and are trying to promote their brand of medications. Several young businesses promote discount schemes for a wider market share in this competitive industry.

Moreover, don’t forget to talk to your pharmacist about registering you for their discount programs, especially if you are frequent or loyal customer.

2. Popular Prescription Coupons Websites

Thanks to massive advances in information technology – you really don’t have to look far and wide to find valid and cost-saving prescription coupons. There are a lot of trusted, accredited and reputed websites that you can check out to match prescription prices and get the best price.

One of the best advantages of such websites is the fact that they thousands upon thousands of pharmacies registered. And with just a tap of the button you can compare prescription rates across multiple pharmacies in your area and throughout the city.

Not to mention you can find plenty of coupons in case you are suffering with low libido or if the medications you are taking are messing up your sex life. When it comes to legal, utterly reliable and responsive websites, there is nothing better than GoodRx.com.
LowestMed.com is another website you can compare medications and check whether or not insurance programs such as Medicare or Medicaid cover these drugs or not.

Moreover, there are even applications you can download on your Android or Ios. An application such as Prescription Saver, which is available on both operating systems, is a good way to find out whether or not there are discount programs going on. You can use these apps on the go and pick up discounted medications on your way home from work.

3. Order Your Medications Via Mail

This is another sure-shot way of cutting your expenses when it comes to buying multiple prescriptions drugs. And no – we aren’t encouraging you to buy from shady and unregistered or unheard of online pharmacies. Don’t even think of falling in their low-price trap. What we’re referring to are drug fulfillment operations and services that are affiliated and recognized by the NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharmacy).

These are legal, reputed and aptly verified organization and pharmacy practices that exist to help people who cannot afford expensive prescription medication. Plus, you can also view their licensing on their website. They adhere to the privacy and quality assurance laws as physical or traditional drug stores and pharmacies. The best way to confirm if the online pharmacy is legitimate or not is to search for the VIPPS seal on the website.

If you don’t see a VIPPS logo, shut the site down!