3 Easy Fixes to Common Rebating Mistakes

This morning I sent out 6 rebates out in the mail. Great! you might be thinking but actually a few of those rebates could have been mailed months ago.
These are three mistakes I was doing and the easy fixes I found for them:

  • “I lost the receipt/Form/UPC for this rebate.”

Solution: Implement an easy organization system. I have turned an old wipes tub into my “Rebate Box.” In it I keep letter sized envelopes, a notebook, address labels and stamps. As soon as I get a rebate form I am interested in doing I put that form inside one of the envelopes. As I compile the rest of the requirements for the rebate (usually cash register and UPC codes) I enclose them in the same envelope. When I have gathered all of the requirements then my rebate is almost ready to go out. All I need to do is address this envelope and complete the form.

  • “I missed out the rebate submission deadline.” and Yay! I got a check in the mail, but I am not sure what it was for.”

Solution: Get your rebate out as soon as you have all requirements together. This one was a big one for me. I had been dragging my feet forever to get a couple of rebates out that I missed out on the submission date. Use the notebook in your “Rebate Box” to keep track of rebate deadlines. Also used this same notebook to keep track of those rebates you sent out and reconcile this list with the checks you receive when they start coming.

  • “I am overwhelmed, this rebate stuff is too much work.”

Solution: Evaluate and establish guidelines for what rebates you want to do. Rebating CAN be a lot of work if you decide to pursue every rebate out there. I recently came across a form for a rebate to get $1 off meat or chicken after purchase of salad dressings. Where after the cost of the stamp, all I would really be saving is 58 cents. I can save that so much easier by just using a coupon or implementing another easier to do money saving strategy. So establish a lower limit on the rebates you want to do. I have decided nothing less that $5.00 is worth my time anymore. UNLESS, it is for a product I actually use very often. This is the second guideline to establish, consider doing rebates for those items you actually need and will use. A few months ago there was a rebate to get $8 back when you purchased hair coloring for men. Sure after rebate I get this for free but there’s no need for this in our household.

Right now I am saving all the money I receive from rebates to fund our Holiday Gift fund. It’s great to save without feeling a budget crunch.