3 Financial Moves You Should Make Before You’re 30-Years-Old

Financial DecisionsMillennials are starting to get older. In case you didn’t know, Millenials are the generation of 20-year-olds and are known as being the techie generation. As some of them begin to get older and inch closer to their 30’s, they probably have a lot of financial worries on their mind. After all, they probably have student loans, credit card debt, mortgage payments, car payments, savings accounts, retirement funds, etc… These are just some of the responsibilities that they have to take on.

When I was growing up, I had to learn the hard way about how important money is and how to manage it. So, if you’re a millennial, you have nothing to worry about, because if I made it, you can, too! Below, I’m going to give you some financial advice and decisions you should make before you hit 30.

Start Saving Now

Did you know that most people don’t even begin saving money into they are in their 30’s? This is because most people in their 20’s say that they simply don’t make enough money to put any back into a savings account, but this isn’t really an excuse. There are always ways to save money. Right now, you’re on one of the biggest saving money resources on the Internet. Every day, I’m posting up new articles that are geared towards helping you become more financially stable and we also have a massive coupon database.

That being said, I highly suggest that you bookmark this site and keep coming back. That way, you can take in all of the knowledge that I share with you from my own experiences. Also, you can use coupons to save money. The main goal is to be able to save as much as 10-20% of your total income every month. Do this, and you’ll be working towards a stable retirement.

Take Care of Your Student Loans As Soon As Possible

A lot of 20-year-olds say that most of their stress comes from student loans that they owe. There’s nothing you can do about your student loans, because you have to pay them off, so worrying about them will do you no good. Just pay them off as quickly as you can and be done with them. Understand that student loans are just an investment you made for your future, so you did the smart thing. Don’t get down on yourself over it.

Talk to Your Partner about Finances

I’m not saying that you should bring up money on the first date, but if you’re in a long term relationship with someone, you should definitely talk with them about money. Discuss each other’s debts, spending habits, assets, etc… That way, you know exactly what you’re getting into if you end up getting married. The reason for this is that if one of you has a bad credit score, you may have some of your plans ruined; such as getting a new home, vehicle, etc… It’s important to know these things before you tie the knot, so you can work on them together.