3 FREE Samples of Feminine Products


Most women are pretty picky about their feminine products and only one brand or style will do. Right now, though, is your chance to try out different brands and styles for free. A number of feminine hygiene companies offer free samples of their products, hoping that you’ll buy theirs because you like them so much.

Here’s a little list of 4 places that you can get free samples of feminine products right now.

  1. Free Equate Samples From Walmart

    You have three different sample kits to choose from here – a teen kit, new mom kit, or change of life kit. You can only get one of each kit. 

  2. Free U by Kotex Samples
    Just go to the website and choose a sample pack. You’ll then be directed to a simple form with you name, email, mailing address, and birth date.
  3. Free Poise Samples
    This is for free Poise bladder control pad samples, but it’s worth a mention. Again, just go to the website and fill out a simple form.

Here are a few honorable mentions:

  1. StayfreeFill out a form and get a money saving coupon.
  2. TampaxThey were out of samples when I looked, but if you keep checking, they may offer it again soon
  3. Being GirlThey were out of samples as well, but if you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll be notified when they restock.


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