3 Questions to Ask Yourself that Might Save You Money While Thrift Shopping


We are all friends here, right? You all know that I am a big time deal seeker. I love love love a good deal and I have a hard time saying no to a great deal. I will acknowledge though that I have been known to, *gasp* waste money by grabbing a great deal that I didn’t necessarily need. 

That’s right, my friends. For years and years I have done everything I can to save money, but here I am admitting to wasting money. It happens. I have learned my lesson though, I now have a system that I follow when it comes to thrift and deal shopping.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself that Might Save You Money While Thrift Shopping

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself that might save you money while thrift shopping:

Do I love it? Do I love this item? I ask myself this question each and every time I am thinking about buying anything. Whether it is an article of clothing or a new piece of wall decor, I need to love it in order to buy it. 

Will I actually wear/use it? I may love a beautiful gown, but will I actually wear it? The answer to that is definitely no. I have very few uses for such a dress.  That didn’t stop me from buying dresses like this in the past because of how cheap they have been, but they are still hanging in my closet. I have yet to head to a ball that I need a fancy gown for. 

Could I sell it for this price? I love reselling. It’s a thrilling way to make money and I use this when I am buying something for myself as well. If I am looking at an item or an article of clothing to buy for myself, I always ask myself “Could I sell it for this price?” If the answer is yes, then I buy. I don’t feel guilty splurging on myself if I know that I can easily make my money back.


What are your tricks for saving money while thrift and deal shopping?