3 Slot Machines that will Cheer you Up in No Time

Sometimes reading a handful of motivational quotes is enough to make your day better. Sometimes it takes more, coupled with a big steaming cup of your strongest espresso, to have the same effect. And if all else fails, you can always turn to your favorite smartphone games – some of them are the perfect means of turning your day from “meh” to “let’s go out and take on the world head on”. And if you’re having trouble deciding which it should be, here are a few tips on where to start – you can try all of them free at All Slots casino.

Bar Bar Black Sheep

If the title of this game sounds familiar, you are not mistaken: it has been inspired by an ancient English nursery rhyme, first noted down as early as the 18th century. Given the game’s nature – the All Slots, as its name suggests, has an awful lot of slot machines – this time the sheep’s iconic “baa” is replaced by a “bar”, a symbol that has been used on slot machines for a century and counting.

Bar Bar Black Sheep has a cheerful background music and a colorful look, complete with a farm background and all kinds of fruits and vegetables on its reels. It has all the features you might expect from such a game, with an extra twist: if two BARs and a Black Sheep land on a row, you can expect a big surprise.

Red Hot Devil

If you are a fan of guitar riffs and flaming symbols, make sure to start your day with a few spins on “Red Hot Devil”. The game has a powerful rock soundtrack and the symbols to match it: cobras, scorpions, roses, cherries, cards, dice, and a flaming trident routinely used by the game’s title character. The game’s music is uplifting and its visuals will make you feel more bad*ss than ever before. Besides, it’s fun, too, filled with lots of bonuses and specials. Surely, one of the most rock-hard (or hard rock?) games at the All Slots Casino.


This one is perfect for the moments when you want to relax before taking on the next stressful day of your life. Serenity is a game with visuals and sounds inspired by the mysterious East, one of the most beautiful games at the All Slots. In its background, we see a beautiful Chinese garden, while its symbols are colorful lanterns spinning around in a relaxing and mesmerizing way. The game is not as action-packed and fast-paced as most other, and that’s not a problem: its overall effect is relaxing and refreshing. Even if you only give it a few minutes of your time it can help you set all your problems aside for a while.