3 Tips for Saving Money on a Close to Home Vacation


Are you feeling a little bit of cabin fever? I know that we are all doing our part to stay home, stay healthy and keep others healthy as well, but I get it. I too am ready to get out of the house and do something! We like to vacation during the summers and the prospect of not doing anything at is a real bummer to me. That’s why we are planning a couple of close to home vacations for our family.
Just because you’re not traveling far doesn’t mean its going to be cheap though. Close to home vacations can sometimes be just as expensive as a tropical or international vacation. Just follow some tips for saving money on a close to home vacation and you can be having a blast and keeping your wallet full!

3 Tips for Saving Money on a Close to Home Vacation

These tips will help you save money on planning your vacation, so that you can finally enjoy some away time!

Use a Travel Rewards Credit Card

If you have a travel rewards credit card, be sure to use it to book your hotel or resort. Every little bit of money back helps! Rewards cards often give up to 5% back when you book your hotel.

Set Price Alerts

When looking for your hotel or resort for your vacation, be sure to set price alerts as you go. That will help you to know when the prices on your preferred lodging choices drop. Make sure and set the percentage to a number that you would like to see. For instance, a 5% drop in price may not do the trick for you, but 15% or 20% would. Set the alert higher so you aren’t bombarded with alerts.

Rent a House

AirBnB is popular for a reason! While an entire house is often a little more pricey than a hotel, you can have more people in a house and you can cook all of your own meals which saves a fortune! Although, I have two teenagers that like to eat so I have to cook our own meals if I don’t want to go broke.

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