3 More Unique Ways I Will Save $1000+ This Year

Yesterday we talked a little bit about some unique ways that I plan to save big money this year (hey…to me, $1000 is big money).  Well, I wasn’t fully transparent with you, because I also have a couple of more things that I plan to do this year to save money. I am all about doing it in unique ways though, so I am sticking with that theme for this post.  So…without further ado, here are more unique ways I will save $1000 this year.

Selling plasma.  Have you ever sold plasma before?  I haven’t, but I just scheduled an appointment to do so and I hear that I can make several hundred dollars in the first month of doing it.  I have been warned that I don’t want to do it too often, so this will likely be my first and only time doing it, but hey…a couple of extra hundred bucks will be really helpful in my life right now.

Turning down my heat.  I live in the northwest and while we don’t have the cold weather that a lot of the people around the globe do, we have had a cold winter this year and I do NOT like to be cold.  That’s why turning my heat down, even just a couple of degrees seems crazy to me, but I am going to do it. I figure the lower my thermostat is, the less my furnace has to work. I’m thinking mid-to-upper 60s will help the bill, while making sure we don’t freeze.

Have meatless meal days. We have decided to cut meat out of our diet for several days each week.  Instead we will stick to beans, eggs, or other budget-friendly protein source.  Breakfast for dinner is always a good option!

Tell me all of your unique money saving ways!!!! I need inspiration!