3 Unique Ways I Will Save $1000+ This Year


March has just begun folks!  Even if your 2019 isn’t off to the money saving start you were hoping for, you still have time!  I personally have a couple of bills that I would like to have paid off so I have been scouring Pinterest and looking for clever ways to make and/or save as much money as possible.  Here are some of my favorite ideas that I have found and a couple that I have done on my own:

Save all of my tens.  That’s right baby.  Every single time I get a $10 bill in my hand it goes into a special place at home.  I started doing this at the beginning of the year and I have saved about $300 so far.  The thing is, with these tens I would typically have driven through the coffee shop or grabbed lunch at a drive through for the kids.  No more! My tens are sacred!

Save specific change.  We have a change jar here at home, but I won’t lie, I tend to get into it often to grab a couple of quarters for this or that.  It’s just too easy to do. I recently read on Pinterest though to save just dimes. According to the article that I read, if you save just dimes in a two liter soda bottle, by years end you will have around $700.  I don’t know if this is exactly true, but I am going to give it a shot. $700 sounds good to me and honestly, dimes are not what I grab for when I raid the change jar anyway, so this one should be easy.

Set a goal for X number of meals eaten at home each week.  Let’s break this down, there are 7 days in a week and 3 meals per day.  That is 21 meals per week. My kids play sports and we have found ourselves hitting the drive through far more often than we should on those busy nights.  To combat this, we have decided that we are going to set a goal of eating 20 meals at home each week this month. This does include lunches made at home, but eaten at school or at work.  That gives us the option of only eating out 1 time this week. I have a family of 5 and a meal out can easily exceed $50 (even at fast food, it is not unheard of to go beyond $30 per meal out).  $50 saved is $50 well earned, my friends!

What are some unique tricks that you have used in your money saving journey?