3 Ways to Get Your House Ready for Spring


How is the weather where you are?  We are still relatively cool with some yucky dreary, dark rain, but we did have one nice day last week and it has got me in Spring mode!!! That means that I have started my Spring cleaning and I am ready to brighten up this house for the coming season.  Have you started Springifying your home yet?

I try to keep my household decorating budget down, because let’s face it, that could get pretty ugly if I didn’t reign in my desire to redecorate with each coming season or holiday.  That doesn’t mean that I can’t do somethings to help brighten it up though!

Here are 3 ways to get your house ready for Spring without spending a fortune:

Grab some Wildflowers

Flowers are perhaps my favorite thing for bringing Spring into my household decor.  Not just any flowers though, I absolutely love wildflowers and they are free!  Just take a little walk through your yard or through a local field to find a perfect accent piece for your tables or mantles.  Remember that nice day I was telling you about earlier?  I took that opportunity to go for a walk and spotted so many wildflowers while I was out, so they are there.

Focus on Your Windows

If you haven’t done your Spring cleaning yet, take this opportunity to start.  Clean your windows to better show that beautiful sunshine.  Also, if it’s warm enough, open those windows up to let in some fresh air.  The difference in your house will be amazing.  I did this the other day and the entire house just smelled fresh and clean.  Lastly, don’t forget to open up those blinds and curtains and let that light in!

Change up the Bedrooms

I don’t know about you but I have two bed sets for my room.  A light, bright one for Spring and Summer and a warmer and darker one for Winter and Fall.  Now is the time to bring out the lighter and brighter one.  You will feel much better and Spring like walking into a brighter room.  If you don’t already have two sets, check out Amazon for some really good bed set deals or head on in to Kohl’s or other department store and check out their clearance section.  My sister in law just bought a $400 bed set for $30 yesterday!  It can be done!

What is your favorite way to welcome Spring into your home?