4 Annoying Coworker Types and How to Deal With Them

annoying coworkerNo matter what you do, no matter how much you love your job and the work environment, there will always be that one coworker. You’ll have to deal with at least one type of annoying coworker sooner or later. And, that’s not usually a good thing for you! In addition to being just plain irritating, an annoying coworker can also make you less productive.

The best policy is to always keep your cool and handle things in a diplomatic, tactful manner. You’ll only have to work with these annoying coworkers for a short period of time and it’s best to be neutral, even if it’s sometimes hard. So, let’s take a look at some of the different annoying coworker types and how to deal with them…

#1. The Music Junkie

Some people can ignore sounds or other distractions, while others find it difficult to work while music is blasting from the speakers. Or the music can be heard even when the listener uses headphones. This problem can be solved, however. Sometimes the simplest way is to just ask your annoying coworker to lower down the music volume because it is distracting you and you really have an urgent task to solve or a pesky deadline. If the problem persists, you can talk with the H.R department. You might be seen as a party pooper, but it’s your right to work in a pleasant environment.

#2. The Too Serious One

You may have to deal with an annoying coworker that’s too old school for the kind of work you do. He is obsessed with being perfect at what he does and the conversation or interaction seems dry and boring. He can throw a temper tantrum when things don’t go his way and that can really disturb other people’s harmony at work. Whatever you say or do can’t calm him down so it’s best to keep it neutral and short when talking to such a guy. Don’t try to joke with him; he may not get the joke or feel insulted that you are trying to joke with him at work. Work is something sacred for him and laughing would be a blasphemy.

#3. The One with all the Gossip

There will always be at least one annoying coworker who will be preoccupied with gossip. He or she will know (or act as if he or she knows) any and all personal and professional aspect of the other colleagues’ lives. You will hear all of the latest gossip and this kind of annoying coworker will try to persuade you to share some of your secrets with him. You really don’t like the drama and you shouldn’t get drawn into such a vicious circle. Whatever you do, try to be as polite and tight-lipped as possible, because you should know that this kind of annoying coworker surely has something to say about you, too! It’s best not to give the gossip too much information.

#4. The Talker

Sometimes you long for peace and quiet at work but there’s always that annoying coworker who talks too much. About anything that you can think of. Anything at all. Nothing that you can say or do can make them tone down the flow of the conversation. The best thing to do here is be polite about it and tell the talker that you’d really love to chat, but you have a strict deadline you need to take care of. They’ll end up pestering another coworker but at least you can work in peace.