4 Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home

Have you been thinking about taking the plunge and moving into a tiny home? With the economy like it is and the price of real estate being so high, there are a lot of people that are considering making the switch. 

If you are used to living in a much bigger space though, the switch to a tiny home may be intimidating to you. I know many of us are currently living in a space much, much larger than the 400 square feet that a tiny home typically consists of. The benefits of living in a tiny home are often more than worth it though.   

4 Benefits of Living in a Tiny Home

Here are a few of the benefits of living in a tiny home:

You’ll Save More

Not only is the base price of a tiny home significantly cheaper than a typical home, the other savings are significant as well. Your power usage will be less, your taxes will be less, your home maintenance will be less. 

Less Cleaning

This might be my favorite benefit! As a mom of three children, I feel like I am constantly cleaning my 1800 square foot house, so I love the idea of cleaning less. With less space, there will be less stuff everywhere, therefore less cleaning. 

Less Focus on Stuff

Let’s face it. We often have too much focus on the “stuff” in our life. This is so incredibly unnecessary. It’s no wonder that many of us are so deep into debt. When you live in a tiny home, you have less room for stuff, therefore you have no choice but to not focus on it or buy more of it.  

Smaller Carbon Footprint

Tiny homes use less resources, therefore are more environmentally friendly. 

Have you ever considered living in a tiny home? What has prevented you from making the switch? 

Alternatively, do you live in a tiny home? What are your favorite things about it?