4 Easy Ways You Can Save Cash on Haircuts

haircut#1. Cut Hair Yourself

This is one of the most obvious choices, but I do understand that this definitely isn’t an option for most people. It can be very difficult and a lot of women won’t even try this. Honestly, I don’t even cut my own hair, but I do know women that can do it and they’re pretty good at it, so it may be an option you could consider. As for my husband, he keeps a shaved head which isn’t hard to maintain at all. Every time he gets in the shower he shaved his own head. Also, he used to give our kids buzz cuts when they were growing up. Now, they’re old enough to decide what type of haircuts they want, but they still usually go with the buzz cut. If they want something else we have to take them to the barber.

If you’re willing to give it a go, you can find a ton of hair cutting tutorials online that will be able to help you out. Whether you’re trying to cut your own hair or someone else’s, you’ll find plenty of resources.

#2. Get Someone You Know to Do It

Almost every family has someone that is talented when it comes to cutting hair or at least they think they’re talented at it, so they’d probably be more than happy to test out their skills by cutting your family’s hair. If you don’t have a family member that’s good at cutting hair I’m willing to bet you have a friend that’s pretty good at it. Work out some kind of deal with them to get discounted or even free haircuts. Chances are they will be willing to work out something with you.

#3. Go to a School

Do you have a hair dressing or beauty school in your area? If so, I’d suggest going there and giving it a shot. Hair dressing and beauty schools usually have much cheaper prices on haircuts, because these are students trying to learn how to get experience. I’ve went to these schools before and it’s extremely rare that the student makes a mistake, because all of their work is being checked over by professionals. If a mistake is made it will be corrected by one of the professionals that are teaching at the school.

#4. Keep it Simple

I know some of you won’t be willing to do this at all, because you have a certain hairstyle you love, but if you keep your haircut simple, you may be able to do it on your own or you may be able to find a talented family member or friend that could cut your hair for you. Also, simple haircuts don’t require as much upkeep as more intricate cuts do. This means less trips to the hair salon and more money you will be able to save.

For instance, my husband has a very simple hairstyle and can do it himself. He never has to go to a barber. The same goes for my son, because he likes his hair to have that messy look, so he only has to go to the barber once per season.