4 Places You Can Find Coupons

CouponsIf you’re a frugal person, you know that one way to save some serious cash on your grocery budget is to take advantage of every usable coupon that you can get your hands on. Coupons help me save a ton of money every single month on my grocery bill. To be precise, I save about 65-70% on my grocery bill thanks to coupons and that’s a pretty significant amount of cash. One of the most common questions I receive from people is where I get all of my coupons from. This is an excellent question, because if you want to save money with coupons, you need to know where to get coupons in the first place. Below, I’m going to tell you where you can find coupons.

#1. This Website!

We have compiled a huge database of the most up to date coupons on the planet for you to take advantage of. I highly suggest that you bookmark this site right now if you want to keep an up to date stock pile of coupons that you can use at your own convenience.

#2. The Sunday Newspaper

I know people that have signed up for the Sunday paper just so they can use the coupons that come in the paper. This has been an always will be one of the best sources for coupons. If you know people that get the Sunday paper, you can always ask them to hook you up with the coupons out of it. This way, you’ll have extra coupons. If a week comes up with a ton of great coupons, you could always just go out and buy another Sunday paper. Also, you can go to stores and ask them if they have any extra Sunday papers. Some stores will give them to you for free or cut you an amazing deal. I do this all the time to get my hands on as many coupons as possible.

#3. Receive Coupons by Mail

A lot of manufacturers out there will send you coupons in the mail. I get so many coupons through the mail that my mailman has a hard time fitting all the mail in my box. To receive coupons by mail, you usually have to sign up with the companies online. They will then send you coupons to use both by snail mail and e-mail.

#4. ALL YOU Magazine

A lot of people aren’t familiar with this source, but there’s a magazine out that’s called “ALL YOU Magazine” and it’s sold exclusively at Walmart stores. This is a goldmine for people that want to get their hands on the hottest manufacturers coupons, as this magazine is absolutely loaded with them! Just last month I was able to get $135 worth of coupons out of the magazine. If you can find a store that allows you to double up on coupons, you’ll encounter some massive savings. I enjoy the coupons in the magazine, as well as the magazine itself. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation for me.